I am…Something Great!

No, I am not a megalomaniac, nor an egotist, and I am not crazy (well, that one may be up for debate).  It has been a simple revelation.  I saw a YouTube video this morning that was all about connectedness.  Then I watched one by Emma Watson when she spoke to the UN about gender equality.  Before that, my son and I watched “In and Out” (fabulous movie, btw).  All of those things and more helped me come to this conclusion.

You see, I am Great…I am something Great…mostly because I am part of something Great!  That Great thing is life and the world and the universe.  Everything God has made and woven together for us.  I am a part of that.  So, that makes me Great.

When I get down (and it happens), I can look at the facts of all the times I should have died – my stroke, almost falling over the edge of the Grand Canyon, tripping and hanging over the ledge of an eight-story building, and others – and didn’t.  That tells me (because luck and coincidence just don’t cut it) I am around for a reason. It’s not that God isn’t finished with me; it’s that I still have things to do.  I am around because I am needed.  I may not know where or when or even why, but that doesn’t matter.  I am needed and I will help.  We are all connected.

And, since we are all connected, let me tell you the other great news:  YOU are something Great, too!!!

That’s right – you.  I am, you are, they are, we all are – the universe (God) needs us to help each other and to bring about change.  You may not feel important.  In fact, you may feel as if you are a drain on the world and not worth the time – BUT – that’s simply not true!  You are important, you count, you have value…there are dozens of ways to say it, but the bottom line is that you are important.

If you still don’t feel that way, then change!  Yep, simply decide you are important and begin thinking of yourself that way.  Each time you feel those doubts, remember – you are Great!

Take something and put it around your wrist – use it to remind you that you are great.

This post, as usual, took off a bit from what I originally tried to say, however, I always allow for it to happen.  That’s life and this post may be my importance to someone who really needs to read all this.

Contact me via email if you want to talk in detail or privately; otherwise, let’s see the comments!!!



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