4 Years and 900 Posts Ago…

Nope, not Gettysburg and not a war.  What has happened is that this is my official 900th Post!  It has taken just over 4 long years and most of my stroke recovery to get to this point.  I know 1000 would be a much rounder number, but, heck, I might not make it that far!

So, here I am with all of you to celebrate!!!  Here is a brief summary of what you may have come through with me over the years:

  1.  My stroke recovery
  2.  My spiritual growth
  3.  My mental growth
  4.  My daughter’s Ph, D.
  5.  My daughter’s marriage
  6.  My selling of books on Amazon for our library
  7.  My first writing publication
  8.  My first book publication (Kindle)
  9.  My father going into a nursing home
  10.  My collection of various things over the years

Top ten things listed above.  What you may not realize is the value I place on what I call friendships here in Internet space and blog territory.  You are all special to me.  At present, I follow 590 blogs.  I can’t possibly, of course, read all 590 blogs every time a post is made.  I follow a lot of blogs to remember who you are and to give me plenty of choosing to go back and find someone else to read when I have time.

However, there are some who have been with me most of my years and who have tolerated my comments on their blogs.  The top 12 are listed below.  Following that are the blogs who I try to read most of their posts when I can.  I don’t always succeed, but there is something to be said for the efforts.

There are those who I have followed who no longer post; in fact, there are many.  I still follow them in case they should ever post again, but they have moved on to something else as it should be.  Lives change always; that’s what they do.  Some of us post and will post for a very long time; others will get what they need and move on.

The 12 I have listed as old friends are still posting.  “Truth and Cake” was the first blog I ever followed and she is partially responsible for my becoming a blogger.  We have watched each other go through all of the top 10 above and I have watched her move through life as well.  The other 11 have jumped into my blogging life fairly early and I love them all.

The newer arrivals stretch from very recent at the top of the list to almost back to my old friends’ list.  They are loved, too, and I consider all of them my friends.

I invite you to choose several from the list below and to go read a post or two.  The links will take you to their posts and not just open up a new window, so you may want to right click and choose to open up a new window or tab.  Just enjoy them for a minute and make a comment telling them who brought you to their sites.  I would appreciate that very much in lieu of a formal celebration for me.

Please note- if you are not included in the lists below it doesn’t mean I don’t consider you friends and that I never read you.  I had to draw a line somewhere as listing 590 blogs wasn’t very feasible.  Thanks.



_______________Old Friends___________________________

Truth And Cake

Everyday Asperger’s


Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride
Indira’s Blog
The Law Of Attraction Project
Denisa Aricescu
Hope* The Happy Hugger
Orton Gillingham Online Academy
Grace For Rett 

________________  Newer Arrivals ________________________

But I Smile Anyway…
Only Bad Chi
Laura Macky Photography 
HarsH ReaLiTy
Arianna’s Random Thoughts By Arianna Merritt, M.Ed.
Harvesting Hecate
Thinking Man
Mollie Player
Megan Has OCD
Debra Kristi
Rendezvous With Renee
Go Jules Go
Katrina Perkins
Boomie Bol
Who Is Bert
I Think In Comics.
Blessed With A Star On The Forehead
Girl Boner
4am Writer
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