An “Honest” Company from an Honest Woman

I have never really (not really) thought I was nuts.  I have always been able to think outside the box.  Sometimes, I thought so outside it that people thought I was in another box completely.  But, I knew what I was thinking and how it was pertinent.  Was I always right?  No, not in the least; however, when I first picked Jessica Alba as my number 1 favorite actress and person for so many years, I was often thought to be nuts.  It came out when I was teaching the special needs children in 6th-12th grades and they didn’t think I was nuts.  In fact, they cheered me (well, the boys did).  I was willing to say something that was a bit personal and let them know about it.  They love that stuff.  It gives them drive and helps them to work for me.  And, it was the truth.

I have followed Jessica Alba since she was playing in “Dark Angel”.  I thought she was gorgeous (I was right) and I thought she was more than just that beautiful face and stunning body (I was right there, too).

Now, so many years later, married and with a child (just one, I think), Jessica has become CEO of The Honest Company.  She founded it because she had a vision based on the fact that children were getting blasted by too many unhealthy things in food and clothing and such.  She created this company and, if I am reading correctly, they have increased sales about 600% or more in a little over a year.  As of 2014 the company sales was $1.7 Billion dollars.  Now, I would call that successful and smart.  And, she is dealing with the dumber sex, men (that’s an opinion of mine that is held by many people).  Not all men, mind you, but I think so many have these preconceived notions about women and about life and even about other men that just makes them downright idiotic.  You keep your own ideas.  In fact, feel free to express yourself in the comments below.

What I know is that I still think Jessica Alba is one of the (if not the) most beautiful women in the world, sexy as heck, and sweet as honey.  I read somewhere that she often was thought of as the motherly type for bringing hot soup to sick people on the set, or other items like that.  That really endeared her to me.  I don’t know the guy she is married to, but he is a lucky fellow.

Read a very good condensation of the article here -> Lone Wolf

Wiki is here:  Jessica Alba and The Honest Company

As always, you people are special to me.  I truly want to hear what you think.



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  • Kate Johnston  On November 30, 2015 at 11:15 am

    I think celebrities have a duty to give back to society — they certainly have the money and opportunity. So, I think Jessica Alba is doing the right thing, and even better that she’s focusing on kids’ health.

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