Our Honored Dead or One Way to Begin a New Year

No, it’s not a laughing matter.  Below is a link to the famous people AARP wanted us to remember.  I remembered a lot of them this year.  I remembered Donna Douglass (Eli May) and several other actors and actresses.  I remembered Yogi Berra, even though I don’t follow baseball.  There were several other authors, Colleen M., the author of “The Thornbirds” and Jackie Collins, the author of a different sort of book than “Thornbirds”, 32 best-selling romance novels including “Hollywood Wives”.

The one who truly brought tears to my eyes, though, was Leonard Nimoy or Mr. Spock.  I paid tribute to him in my post on 6/6/12 entitled “To Someone Who is not yet Gone” before he died.  The link will let you remember his life.  I can never forget him.  He was one of my heroes.  And here is my post after he died dated 2/27/15 entitled “And Now He is Gone :-(“.  Both posts are the same.  I just thought you might remember one over the other.

So, as we ring in the New Year, we can say a last goodbye to all the fallen and honored dead —>  AARP Remembers.



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