Stop Treating All of Us like Idiots…

It has become somewhat of a past time for me to find the problems with ads and stories.  When my daughter was little, she and I would take a paper (trash mag) and I would read the articles while she told me what was wrong with them logically.  She was quite good and I hope (believe) it helped her in becoming such a good psychologist.  However, that doesn’t forgive the magazines, the papers, and (especially) the Internet.

I was on FB today (arguably, another site with dubious things being said by many) and saw an add to the side of the commentary.  It dealt with genetically bonded dogs and humans.  Now, right off I know that it is ILLEGAL to dabble with human DNA and you can’t cross a dog and a human particularly (too much difference).  While I can, perhaps, alter my beliefs a bit on the second, I cannot on the first.  The law is clear and we will have robots who feel and love before we see a dog with my face walking around the park.

So, I took the challenge and forced myself to read the article (spread across 10 pages).  Every page had 1 paragraph about the subject.  It also had around 8 pictures advertising online games that were, well, adult in nature.  However, by looking at a few of the links I found that some went to such games as Elvenar, which may be best for adults, but doesn’t come under the heading “adult games”.  All the ads were sexy, all involved scantily-clad young women (not that I minded that, however…), and they were on every single page of the article.  There were also dating site (very adult) ads and other things being aimed at the male (or the female in some cases).  Was it because the system knew I was, most likely, male?  I don’t know…one of you lady readers needs to click on the article and tell me in the comments what the ads were about.  Use virusware please.

The pages also kicked off a few other pages that played video and audio ads while you tried to read the article.  This made it difficult to understand the trash you were absorbing into your mind.

When I, finally, finished the article and closed out the extra pages and tried to get back to normal, I realized what a wasted amount of time I had spent.  If I didn’t write this article, the entire thing would be a total waste.  Anyway, here’s the link…enjoy…the absurd.

Dog and Man Mix



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