The View from the Bathroom

I spent last Sunday morning (5:30A-9:30A) very ill, again, with my Gastro Paresis.  I couldn’t understand this episode. It had been nearly 3 months and I was doing pretty good at keeping my sugar in fair shape.  This time is was a bit milder and slower, so, although I could not lay down (bad position for this), I was able to do a bit of Internet research between trips to the bathroom (I can’t call it the restroom as I didn’t “rest” at all).  I went through search after Google search looking at it from all different angles.  I finally discovered some things not mentioned by my doctor, nor in other articles (fancy that, not knowing all about a disease!).

What I found was I was doing right by keeping my sugar down (It really should be lower than it is.).  What I didn’t know is this is more of a syndrome and I will, most likely, have it forever (I never underestimate the power of attraction, healing, and God).  I found out, too, along with keeping my sugar down, I need to eat smaller meals more often.  This had never been a problem.

It kinda works like this:  After your sugar is high for some time over a period of even years, the Vagus nerve, which runs from the midbrain (where I had my stroke) down to the stomach, becomes damaged and does not work effectively.  This means your stomach will not push food through quickly enough or not at all.  In my case it was, probably, slowly.  So, this means food stays in your stomach too long and does not get moved into your small intestine for full digestion.  Your stomach then, kinda recovers, and pushes all the food into it at once (therefore the spikes in my sugar of 100-200 points after not eating anything all day).  If it has been slow enough or not at all, the food can go rancid, build up bacteria, and you get violently ill.  I am assuming this is the cause of the horrible belching odor I get about 2 hours before beginning to vomit and diarrhea.  In addition, you get a quick dumping of liquids, which means you dehydrate quicker and your diarrhea is explosive and worse.  After about 2-4 hours, this stops and you feel crappy, but can, finally, rest.  I did so sitting in my Dad’s old motorized chair from the nursing home.  I slept about 3 hours then was good enough to go back to semi-normal functioning (careful and at home).

Now, here’s the big reason for this post:  This syndrome can start ANYTIME if you are diabetic and ANYONE can have it for an undiscovered reason off and on.  So, I am just letting you know so you can take some precautions if you are diabetic and to be informed you can have it even if not.

It’s a nasty thing and I will get it cured in myself.  However, I always believe good info is always best.



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