A “Bare” Icon

Yesterday, 27th, an Icon died.  I don’t know if any other WP posts are about him; I just felt it needed to be done.

Hugh Hefner died at 91 years old- the man who “began the sexual revolution” (more his words than mine).  A man who almost everyone in the US and most places throughout the world had, at least, heard of.  If you went up to someone and said, “Plato”, you might get someone who says “philosopher” or even “The Republic”; if you went up to someone and said, “Einstein”, you might get an “E=MC(squared)” or a “theory of relativity”.  You might get those or you might get any of a dozen related answers.  However, if you went up to someone and said, “Hugh Hefner”, you would, very likely, get a resounding “Playboy”!  This is how the man was known.  He was not always seen in a positive light; he was not always talked about pleasantly; however, he did carry a certain amount of importance in who he was and how he lived his life.

I do not judge people; I will not judge Hugh Hefner.  I will merely say that, for this author, I have had a off/on type of relationship with him.  His magazines have given me  pleasure, pain, embarrassment, and a lot of guilt.  But, when I look around at where we are today as opposed to where we were when I was a teen, I have to salute him.  He was not my savior, but neither was he the cause of all my suffering.  I either did that to myself or let others do it for me.

My upbringing was mostly like a great part of early 60’s Indiana: conservative and rigid.  Sex was not talked about.  What this meant was that I learned about sex from books (restricted also) and people around me.  I remember being quite young and believing that kissing caused babies.  I didn’t kiss my grandmother for quite awhile.

I remember being told that french kissing caused pregnancy.  It wasn’t until long after I broke up with that particular girlfriend that I learned the man had meant “could lead to sex and pregnancy”.

I started out going into the Methodist church via college ministerial training.  That lasted less than 2 years.  I became disillusioned with the church and much less so with Mr. Hefner.

Marriage also pulled me away from the pages of P. Though it was, probably, more my upbringing and the terrible guilt I always carried around that did that – mostly.

Now, at 59 – holding my breath for the arrival of 6 decades on this dear Earth  – I have accepted Hugh Hefner as, drum roll, just a man.  He created a brilliant magazine concept at a crucial time in history and the rest has just followed along.  Yes, I see him as just a man, but he is an important man for what he did and, if nothing else, deserves this small amount of remembrance from me to my followers.

The article I first read is here > Hugh and Playboy



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