Where have all the People Gone?

A week or two ago, maybe a bit longer, I posted my coming out to BDSM: > HERE < .

I spent quite a bit of time beforehand worrying, contemplating, tossing ideas, and talking-to-self before writing and hitting that “publish” button.  Now, from 9-7 to 10-1, I have received a few views and far few comments.  Also, all the comments have been good.  I just keep asking myself: Scott, you published this on WordPress, which showed it on FB, Twitters, LinkedIn, and Google.  You have referred to it numerous times and still…?

Now, today, on FB, I saw a friend whom I haven’t visited in quite awhile.  I remembered I have messaged her a few times since Sept 7 and never heard back.  It finally began to sink in.  People who know me are embarrassed, uncertain, scared, nervous, angry (choose whichever you think applies, maybe all), or something else and simply are not speaking to me or being very general as if it never happened.

Your imagination, you say?  Perhaps, but it begins to make sense then.  I have well over 569 friends on FB, 734 connections on LinkedIn, who knows on Twitter / Google…That’s over 1300 people (I know, some overlap) who have, at least, seen the title.  I didn’t expect all of them to be happy (so far, all of you on WP have been, Thanks- you are the best).  I really didn’t.  I expected some unfriending to occur on FB and a few snide comments (or paragraphs) from a few on FB and Twitter.  But, none of that, seems…weird.  I should be happy, but it just seems too strange to just go “oh, the world is a different place and everyone is okay…”  Right?

Anyway, just a short rant.  Let’s go back to saving animals and filming babies.




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  • TheDiaryOfSin  On October 3, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    Well, BDSM is an awkward topic, to begin with unless you are somewhere like Fetlife, or, even here, Because, not enough people are educated in what BDSM actually means. My girl friend, is absolutely against BDSM because she was beaten nearly to death by an ex, I want so badly to show her BDSM isn’t that.. but she refuses to see it, and Of course I won’t push her. WordPress is very receptive and usually nice to matter what you post, I was VERY worried about posting anything BDSM, or anything remotely racy, but a comment on my very first post let me know I’d probably be ok. LOL. Some probably think you are “strange” or worried for you or maybe your lover or whomever you may be with at the moment. People Fear what they don’t understand and are very judgy. did you lose readers or friends because you posted about “abuse” in the bedroom yes, I guarantee you did. when I wrote my BDSM one my mom didn’t talk to me for 3 weeks, and it was just about dynamics. I can’t imagine what she’d have done had she read “stripped” (about losing my collar). But you probably will eventually either gain those people back, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, you continue to post as your heart desires, IF you threw something in there that’s a little different you will lose some, you will win some, but as long as you are satisfied, and enjoy what you are doing, eventually EVERYONE will see that and enjoy it. IF you are proud of your work, others will be too. KUDOS to you for touching what many sprinkles in a vanilla world will not touch, out of fear.

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    • kindredspirit23  On October 3, 2017 at 8:37 pm

      That is a warm breath of fresh air, my friend. Yes, FetLife is safe, and here seems to be, for the most part. I really don’t worry about negative comments (except from trolls). I simply did not understand why no one on here, FB, Twitter, or even Pinterest had said anything bad. I did catch really bad flack from a woman on a dating site, because I wrote her twice, after about a 4 month delay. She scream in the message, threatening to have me banned from the site, saying how she “Told” me to stay away from her and all that. I would have remembered a warning like that, so I don’t think it was as strong as she said and I very nice and polite the 2nd time. Anyway, figured I would get more of that elsewhere. I would enjoy talking to you more privately some time. If you are interested, my email is on my blog site. I decided to leave it there. Not sure how difficult to find it. If you decide to and have problems, let me know here…no problem either way, it’s just nice to hear from you. And, yeah, I wish you could tell your girlfriend the truth, too. Way too many old stories, lies, and misunderstandings all around. Then, there are always those few BAD apples who get all the publicity.


      • TheDiaryOfSin  On October 3, 2017 at 9:33 pm

        OOHHH I see, maybe i misread you lol, tht does seem ood though ive never gotten negative comments in emails which blow up constantly, just mom not talking to for a while XD “I Didnt’ know you were that big of a freak omg” but then she realized shes in a similar relationship just didnt have a label for it. haha. Sure! I’ll Email you maybe if i can figure that new fangled technology out 😛
        and that woman was probably a wee bit crazy.

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