Leprechauns, pots of gold and other crazy mad beliefs

Yes, those exact ideas have (and are) costing me dearly. Listen well, friends…

Pam Grout

“It’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t true.”
–Mark Twain
If you’re a parent, your kids have undoubtedly accused you of T.M.I. It stands for “too much information.”

In ACIM Lesson 76 (I am under no laws but Gods), we learn that not only have we have picked up T.M.I, but that most of it is T.M.F.I. (too much false information).

In this lesson, we examine the strange and twisted laws to which we are bound. The Course calls it insanity to believe we must obey the “laws” of medicine, of economics, of health. To think we would starve without stacks of green paper strips and piles of metal discs is the height of madness.

These ridiculous laws play a big role in how we experience life. They’re like the kitchen junk drawer that’s filled with a…

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