An Aggravation and an Internal Solution

Most of us have had to deal with those dreaded sales calls or the self-imposed service calls.

They are not fun, no matter what.  I have no real racial prejudice, however, when the service or sales call comes from a foreigner who speaks little of your native language, the aggravation factor goes up exponentially with each passing moment.

I had such a call this morning.  Seeing the humor in it helped me to center myself and find some solace, so I thought I would share said humor with you (in brief).

I am diabetic.  I use a meter for measuring my glucose levels.  I am preparing for surgery and, over the past couple of weeks, those readings have been more than simply a “check myself” reading.  The doctor is using them to determine my pre-op meds.  So, when I get up in the morning, fresh, and take a reading of 150 (normal 90-120), I get concerned.  When I wait 2 minutes and take it again and get 95, I become less concerned about my health and more about my meter accuracy.  15% is normal so, at 95, that would be around 80-105.   So, after research and finding out I have a great meter brand, very accurate, I call the number on the back of the meter.

I get “Vicky”.

“Hi, my name is veekie.  How can I help you?”  Deep Spanish accent.

I explain and she begins  to take my information.  She gets my name, my address, and phone.

“Do you have an the meter solution?” (I have to guess just a bit at the words “meter” and “solution”.


“Okay. Just a minute…”  “Ok, you say you don’t have the meter solution?”

“That’s correct.”

“Well, you have to have the meter solution…”

“I don’t have it.  It has been over 2 years.”

“I understand, but you need the meter solution…so I will need to send you a bottle.”

“Will there be a cost.?”

“No, it is free.”


“Now, do you have the meter with you?”

“Yes, it is right here.”

“Would you please tell me what kind of meter it is?”

(I have already told her twice, but do so again)

“Thank you.  Now, do you have the meter solution?”

“No.  I do not have it?” (I thought we had established this)

“Okay,  Do you have the bottle of strips?”  (I really had trouble with “bottle” but we figured it out)

“Okay, here it is.”

“Would you tell me….” (serial, lot, etc…)

I begin to read…I get to the letters J and J, finish and she replies…

“so …G as in ‘George’, G as in ‘George’…”

“No, J as in …”

“Oh, sorry, J as in ‘Jim, J as in ‘J’…”


“Now, do you have an account with us?”

“I am not sure.”

“Let me check…I see one with the same name. What is your address?”

I tell her…

Yes, same address.  Let me add that here…

I am thinking, (if it’s the same, why do you have to add it?)

“Okay, now do you have the meter solution?”

(OMG!  I am gonna scream)

“No, it has been too long, over 2 years.”

“Okay, now how long have you had the meter?”

(I am looking around for the Candid Camera)

“Um, it’s been, at least, 2 years.”

“So, I will put 3 years.”


“I need to put in an order to send you the meter solution so we can test.  It will arrive in about 3-5 days.”


“Can I put you on hold for a moment while I place your order?”


“Thank you.”  (Wonderfully poor music begins to play…)

(I pet my cat and remind myself that all is fine; everything is perfect; this doesn’t matter…I begin to smile)

“Okay, sir.  Did I tell you that the order would arrive in 3-5 ‘Business” days?”

“Yes.” (I was not going to pick on her.  I knew it wouldn’t arrive on a Sunday)

“Good. Now, if I can just put you on hold for another minute, while I put in your order for the meter solution?”

“Yes, that’s fine.” (WTH was she doing on the last hold?)

(I pet my cat some more and decide to blog about this call)

“Okay, sir.  Your order for the meter solution will arrive in 3-5 business days. ”

“Thank you.  Is there anything else…” (I hear silence on the line)

“Are you still there?”  (line is silent)

I hang up.


Hope you enjoyed my short trip to hell.



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