Yays or Nays for the NRA

I do believe in the 2nd amendment and for several reasons. I am not a member of the NRA, don’t even own a gun. However, I always grew up around them and felt safer, for the most part. What I do see, however, is a basic inability to ferret out the ones who are mentally unsettled enough not to own a weapon. What I know is that there is always a way and, cliche, though it may sound: if we outlaw guns, the only ones with guns will be the outlaws.


The recent Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh has really affected me. I have mixed feelings about our gun laws to begin with, as many of us do.

Should we have the Right to Bear Arms, as our Second Amendment states, ratified on December 15, 1791?

I remember years ago, being on a date with the late comedian David Brenner. We were at a lovely West Side restaurant, long gone, called Nanny Rose that had black match books with pink roses on the front. David, who was at his most famous, always ordered a Chef’s Salad because so many fans approached him for autographs, his food would get cold.

That night when he got up to take off his blazer, I saw a gun shoved in the back of his pants. A little shocked, I asked, why on earth he was carrying one?

“I have two words for ya,” he said, without…

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