Fallout 76 – Being Touted as a Bad Game?

*All pics below are screenshots from the live game.  And, yes, I play a female character as it sounded fun.


I could not wait to get my PC copy of Bethesda’s new online game: Fallout 76.  I have played Bethesda games for a very long time.  Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Rage, and now Fallout 76.  The only one I haven’t really adored is Rage.  Many like it; I don’t like a driving game, even if it’s a FPS (First Person Shooter).


But the gaming community is not so wonderfully accepting of FO76.  I have seen it score as low as 4 of 10 and the price I bought it at was $37 instead of the usual $60+ I figured.  I spend money and time refitting my computer with more Ram (16) and the best video card I could afford that would fit on my Alienware computer.


When I got the game and loaded it, I was excited.  As I began playing, I had to deal with the usual messes of which keys did what and where do I go next, but a few days of playing and starting over  1 time helped me to become, if not a pro, certainly a serious player.


I have been playing since the first day the game went on sale, about a month, I believe.  In that time I have put about 60-80 hours in and am a level 21 player.  I would consider this the beginning of an average dedicated player.  I have seen a couple of players at levels above 100, but most have been 30 or less.


I loved the openness of these types of games.  Morrowind was constricted, but still allowed you a lot of freedom to move around.  Oblivion opened my eyes as a nearly totally open game.  I could go nearly everywhere, up mountains, through forests, places where there might be a monster or 3 (or 10), but not within the questing area, just free space.


The difference with this game is that FO76 is a multi-player game, open and having to follow some rules.  You can’t save because you can’t go back and redo something; you simply have to start again in a nearby marked position and try a different approach.

I still, after hours and hours, hit my “save” button only to have it do, basically, nothing.

There are also about 24 other players on your server, but no other intelligent life to talk to except some robots here and there.  This might sound boring, but you do have chat and can talk to other players, even team up with them, if you choose.  I don’t. I like playing alone and this game lets you do that and still jump in and help someone if you see some trouble.

My problem with multiple player games has always been that other higher-ranked players attack and kill you to take your things, things you may have spent hours and hours getting.  Bethesda has pretty much fixed this problem.  If a player picks a fight with you, shooting you, the shot does about 1 point of damage.  If you agree to fight,then shoot back.  If you don’t you can may gestures to show them you are not interested.  If you accidentally shoot someone, you can do that same.  If you refuse to fight and they continue, eventually, they will kill you.  When that happens, they can only get the “junk” you are carrying, not the good stuff (armor and weapons and food and aid).  Also, now they are marked as a “murderer” and cannot see other players’ locations on the map, but their location stands out clearly in  red.  You also get a chance to get “revenge” on them for killing you by reappearing nearby.

The are a lot of the same creatures to shoot and things to do, however, I haven’t yet found it boring.  There are some easier quests I do for equipment and  junk, not for advancing points and rewards.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but you can’t write a good review without a little so, from here out, be watchful for spoilers.

I love playing a thief and, even though you don’t register as one in this game (much unlike Morrowind, Oblivion, and Fallout3/4, I have still decided to be that type of character in FO76.  One portion of the game is building your own camp.  They don’t show up on other people’s maps, but you can still stumble across them as you play.  When I do I, usually, go look inside, see how they set it up, and “steal” some stuff if I can.  Usually, it’s nothing important, although once I found a chest unlocked with all their stuff in it.   I have had my camp attacked once by another player and I have been robbed for minor stuff multiple times.

Also, when you drop something or when you die, your “junk” or anything you decide to drop is put into a cute lunch bag that falls to your feet.  If you need to leave it there or if you die, then you can come back and retrieve it.  Of course, so can other players.

All in all, it’s a great game.  I don’t put it up there with Skyrim, Oblivion, and Fallout 3, but it is, certainly,  higher than 4 of 10.  I give it a 7, myself, and lean toward an 8.



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