Emotions and Love

No, they are not the same thing.  There is an emotional love – I think we all are VERY aware of that one.  The love I am talking about is above emotions.  It is life-enhancing-changing-purifying.  I have been there a few times for a short time.  If you really get into it and read/watch/study it, it is difficult to just achieve.  It is more a place you get to as you raise yourself.  But now I am skipping ahead.

The link <Here> is to a soulfest.  It is a week-long session of videos by many very good speakers in their fields.  All of these are centering on love, the soul, the trying to be the very best we can.  The late Dr. Wayne Dyer is the first speaker offered.  It is a 2:40:00 talk, so be prepared, but it has been a pinnacle in my watching.  I began just to see what is was about and am now 2:10:00 into it.  I took a break for a phone call to Mom and then to look up some things and now to write this.  I would recommend listening to it, but have/make time.  Breaking it up will dilute the meanings.  One thing Dr. Dyer mentions is the Dr. Hawkins consciousness code.  It can be found <Here> with a brief explanation.  The thing for me to see is where I was before my stroke and where I am now.  I was low, low on the scale, much below the 200 benchmark.  I would say that I, now, fluctuate between a little under 200 to, at times, over 500.  That just makes me tingle inside.  I want, truly want to spend more time in the upper (>200) arena.  I believe (know) I can.  That area holds keys to health, feelings, and just plain doing-well in all respects.

Watch it if you wish. See if you enjoy it.  If so, we have much more to discuss.  The first link should give you the availability to join the soulfest.  It’s free.  And, it won’t tie up your entire week…unless you want it to!







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