Carolyn – “Keeping Watch” An Apocalyptic Thriller in Parts

Welcome to my post-apocalyptic page.  Here you will find Carolyn, a tough city woman who is learning to live in a world demolished by man’s interference.  A viral plague has ravaged the earth.  Carolyn is only one person in one city, but we get to see the entire disaster slowly through her senses.  I originally wrote this as just a 100 word short for Friday Fictioneers.  Then, I continued it to Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction, and on into Flash Friday, another prompt-driven practice in writing.

Since these starts, I have begun a multi-part story in this blog.  But, I am falling a bit for Carolyn and her story.  I am looking down the road at the possibility of a full-blown book or novella.  Whatever happens, this is the place to find all of the stories I have put together in this blog.

*Update – Carolyn and her tale have found their way into a novella and have been included in my collection of horror short stories on Kindle.  Look to the left column and down to see the cover.  Click on it to go to the link.

*I would suggest skipping to the second part down below which is the longer version and is divided into 11 parts.  It is more easily readable.

Please enjoy and feel free to comment and/or suggest.  I am not greedy; you are welcome to fall for Carolyn, too!

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Short bits from the prompts:

1)  The Restaurant at the End

2)  Keeping Watch

3)  Queen of the Road

4)  Shoes of the Past

5)  Thoughts of a Brighter Day

6)  Silver and Gold

7)  Snowfall

8)  Carolyn Leaves Reality

9)  Thinking Outside the Box

10) Blasted from the Past 

11)  Discovery 

12)  Moments 

13) A Moment to Share 

14) The Worm Turns 

15) Those were the Days 

16) The Coming Darkness  

17)  The Fire of Fury

18)  Fear Sets In 

19)   Frozen Emotion

20)  Disconnection  

21)  More than Just a Splinter

22) Crashing

23) Ache

24) A Meeting with Meaning

25) An Acceptance

26) Preparing for the Storm

27) Sunshine 

28) The Tolling of the Bell

29) Seconds Like Hours

30) Aftermath and Vendetta


The Longer Version of “Keeping Watch”

1)  Part One

2)  Part Two

3) Part Three

4) Part Four 

5)  Part Five

6)  Part Six

7) Part Seven

8) Part Eight

9)  Part Nine

10) Part Ten

11) Part Eleven – Final


Feel free to say something; I look forward to it!

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