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Christmas is Coming!

Well, the season is here!  I know; I know…it’s the 21st when it’s official.  But, it’s the 1st at 3:23AM and I am getting ready to settle down.  I took a picture tonight, the first night shot with my new (older) phone.  It’s an HTC1 and I really like it.  Took awhile to figure out how to get the pics off it and on my pc for here, but it’s done.

Anyway, Christmas is one of my very favorite times of the year and Middletown, small that it is, has its own way of showing we are getting ready for Santa…




I know, it’s not a lot.  The streets have lights and all, but this just caught my eye when I was driving home about 9:15pm or so.  I will figure out how to take better shots, but for no flash, I thought this was a decent night shot.  Anyway, this all takes me back to my young days (man, those were a long time ago).  People are happier.  I enjoy going to the stores in town more.

Some of us, don’t care, however:


See?  I don’t think she appreciates Christmas at all.

Happy beginning of the season,


The Days of Our Lives

I used to watch a lot of soaps.  That’s what happens when you work 3rd shift.  You get up in the middle of the afternoon or stay up in the morning.  My very favorite, actually, was “General Hospital” and I loved Laura.  She and her guy were always in the middle of something, as was everyone else in the soaps.  I used to be amazed wondering how people could get so complicated and messed up.  Then…I got older.

Let’s just take this year, now 3/4 over and summarize for me.  Let’s see, I started out the year still getting very ill (at both ends) for about 4-8 hours 1-2 days a month. Had to postpone hip surgery because of that and the fact the illness threw my already-high sugar off too much.  Sugar was high due to Dad’s passing the year before and my sister contracting 3 different types of cancer.  I, finally, got self-diagnosed (and supported by medical staff) to have gastro-parieses (sp?) which came from high sugar powered by stress.  Had surgery on my right hip on April 17th and Sis had brain surgery on April 18th.  It took me until about the end of July to get kinda back to normal totally and exercise 2-3 times a week and work just a little on the house.  Sis had another surgery and radiation during the summer and we arrive at September.

Now, September brought Drs visits and other such medical things, as per normal now, but October starts things out again.  Sis is scheduled for more radiation as the summer surgery did not get it all.  Then they will look at scans to see if the radiation killed all of what was left of the cancer or if they need to do more surgery.

I have developed such a severe pain running from my hip around my knee and to my ankle and the front of my foot I had to go to a chiropractor.  He helped me with all my complaints except the hip, telling me I had bursitis.  I go home and look it up on Google to find it will “usually leave on its own in 6 weeks”.  Six Weeks!?  No way.  I go to my hip surgeon for my six-month check up review.  Hip is fine, but I don’t have bursitis; I have sciatic problems.  Great!  So, now I get to tell the chiropractor that it is his problem and he needs to address it.  I still don’t sleep well and have a daily schedule that runs from about 1:30pm – 3:30am up and trying to sleep from 3:30am-1:30pm, changing that for Drs visits and other emergencies.  Oh yes, forgot, in September, I took my car in for a “brief” fix on a heat plate only to find out the frame has totally cracked and the car should not be driven.  I am driving Sis’s car as she cannot drive yet, only to have her headlight go out and I have trouble at night when driving.

This is the Days of My Life as the World Turns…I am sure you can come up with similar statements.  So, soaps are not for old people – they are living them, anyway!



A Moral Choice – in a Video Game?

I love the different directions I take based on my, um, personality traits (you can read that as “chaotic nature”, should you wish).  My blogs have run the gamut from love poems to horror stories from family outings to BDSM confessions.  Been a ride!

Well, today is no different.  I have a video game, one of several, which I play a lot.  Right now, I have about 300+ hrs on this latest trip through this game world.  The game is “Fallout 4” (F4) and is apocalyptic in nature (big surprise? then you don’t know me).  It is about a person who goes through suspended animation for about 200 years, missing WW3 and awakes in its aftermath: a bomb-riddled, radiation-lingering, mutated and violent world.  I chose to play a female this time.  I hadn’t ever done that and it does change the game quite a bit.  I imagine I have done about 50% of the main quest.  I tend toward the rest of the game.  Here in F4 those smaller quests are big and small and very many.  In the quest mentioned in the title, called “Nuka World”, I have wandered into a gauntlet of machine guns, Mirelurks, grenades, gas, and a big boss.  I managed to defeat all of these and find out I am now the appointed leader of a trading center.  This center has collared slaves as the merchants, custodians, and such.  The under leaders are 3 very ruthless gangs of Raiders whom I am to keep in line so they don’t kill each other (not such a bad thing) and everyone around them (not such a good thing). I went to one leader, the “alpha” of that pack and attempted conversation.  He asked me if I was willing to show what I was made of by doing a small job for him.  I agreed.  The job was to take a package from a group of “Minute Men” (keepers of the peace) and kill all of them (help his pack do so).  This, then, was my problem.  I play a mostly,morally right individual. In the other part of the game, I am a leader also.  However, there I fight with my group of settlers from about 14-17 settlements to protect them from harm and keep the bad guys (and things) out.  Further problem, these “Minute Men” are in my other group.  In fact, I am their general there.  I could not get it right inside my head to kill 4 of my own just to save some settlers in this other section of the world.  Neither could I simply not help and lose my small advantage to later get rid of these gangs (oh yes, that is my plan!).

My decision was a bit ambiguous.  I went to the gang rendezvous.  My intention was to find out the location of the other group then steal the package, making the killing unnecessary. Apparently, the game thought of this and, to pass, all 4 of the Minute Men must die.  I decided to go with the gang.  I stood back and did nothing while the gang killed the Minute Men.  Then, I retrieved the package AND killed all the pack.  I figured if the Minute Men had to die (should have known) then their deaths would not be for nothing.  I believe (as I died 4 times trying to kill the pack leader) I was not really supposed to kill the pack. I finally left some large mines in the house where he was, went outside the house, and threw a grenade in the door, blowing up everything.

I returned and had succeeded in the mission.

How do you feel about my choice?  What would you have tried?



Fall is Almost Official – Where is Everyone?

Every year, about this time, my WordPress stops.  Very very little traffic in or out.  I, usually, stop writing because everyone else seems to.  But it has been over a month and I have had 7 comments to respond to from over 100 authors I follow.  It just seems, well,wrong, somehow.  I am keeping this one short because of the topic.  Fall will be official on the 21st (22nd?), about 2 weeks.  I know getting back into school, taking care of the children, getting ready for college, and so on just kind of make it a natural time to stop, but, hey, I almost have to leave the house just to know that the Zombie Apocalypse hasn’t occurred and I am the only person left in the world.  It has given me time to do things around here.  My Sis has needed care which I have provided the best I can.  My Fallout 4 world is doing wonderfully well and I am into the levels above 50 and running settlements and protecting the world just fine.  I have a buddy who I play online golf with and have gone through some drama there with my old guild and one of its members.  I am now in a new guild, a small one, with good friends and run by my buddy.

My sister is doing much better and I now visit daily to changer her dressing and wrap her surgical wound.  She has problems with her memory similar to mine from the stroke, so I have been able to console and help her with that.  This has taken some of the pressure from my mother and I am glad for that.

Personal life has settled into an almost farce of 3 sites where I try to meet someone and I find I don’t really care much, anymore.  I am perfectly fine living in this wonderful home with just my cat.  If someone comes along, great; if not,that is great, too.  Probably why I don’t see much there – I don’t care.

Have begun watching season 7 of Game of Thrones.  I always said I wouldn’t pay HBO for the series as I got mad at the way they just left us hanging after season 5 (4?), actually in the middle of a season.  However, Youtube, pays HBO and I pay Youtube, so – not the same!  It is a great series and I have enjoyed all of it.  Season 7 has been absolutely superb so far.

Well, that’s me for now.  Hope to hear back from some of you and look forward to reading some new posts!!!



A Week in the Life of…

It has been a long week.  My Sister going through radiation/chemo treatments for brain cancer, having just finished it for colorectal cancer, and knowing she has one more surgery and rad/chemo round to go for the third type of cancer she has Merkle carcinoma (think that’s right) on her leg.  Mom is stressing over this and having some health problems, while I am still recuperating from my hip surgery in April.  There are good things happening:  I am getting my sugar count under control, I am working out 2-4 times a week, Sis is responding to the treatment.  So what didn’t go so well?  My love life. Looking back on it, I should not have even started it, but…we are all human I guess.  I would have advised someone else against it, but you decide…

Last Friday night I was looking through “my matches” on a popular dating site.  This site would allow me to see women from 44 on up.  The site has proclaimed that allowing more age difference than this can lead to problems of things…  I prefer to look at a bit younger, but that’s the policy, so I live with it there.  Anyway, I had selected a group of women to look at.  I was seeing if proximity was a problem, if they smoked too much, too many children, and so on.  Just trying to avoid most of the problems I normally run into.

I finally had it down to 3 or 4 that I would read in depth and decide if letters were going to be sent.  One, in particular, caught my interest.  She was in her early 50s, attractive (the photos were obviously from when she was younger, but fine, deal later- why do men get in so much trouble if WE do that very same thing, but it’s okay for women?).  She lived in nearby Indianapolis.  I answered her letter, stating we should “Talk” (that means talk through the website, normally). I send it and go to the next one.  Within 5 minutes she had responded.  Her response was to say, “You’re right, we should talk” followed by her cell number.  I don’t usually do that, but I was the one who used the word “talk”, my fault, I supposed.  I send her a text and got an answer very quickly.  This conversation started at about 12:30AM and ran into the wee hours, mostly because reception in my area is so poor.  I went to sleep for a short time, waking up to realize that she had already deleted her account and I hadn’t spoken to her at all.  I was tired and upset and tried to call her number…a few beeps, nothing more.  I texted her and got an almost immediate response.  She explained all that she had done, moving most of it away with the idea that she was in the military intelligence and all were “under surveillance”.  She also was not sure what had happened, but she was 32 and stationed in New Jersey.  For the next few days we texted.  I spent some time early on researching dating scams and seeing how she fit into them.  She didn’t, but one article stated that some went on for months or years gaining your trust to get the payout at the end.

She was looking to get serious fast (one of the earmarks of scams) and was furious when she found out I could not give her children.  She then asked about adoption.  I didn’t think this was sounding much like a scam, but I didn’t tell her anything I haven’t said here or on Facebook.  We continued through the weekend. I would like to say we shared information back and forth, and we did, but each time I asked a question she would take sometimes hours to answer.  She said she was at work and couldn’t talk all the time, but this happened off-hours, too.  The worst thing that I saw was she had a temper and moved too fast through everything.  She was talking about marriage and living together and we hadn’t even met. These things finally got to me.  I ended it on Tuesday in a text that she didn’t respond to for over 6 hours.  She texted back and told me that she didn’t know why I was so negative about things, but she didn’t need that in her life. bye.

There was more, of course.  I did Google her and her pics, checked out the NJ Military base, even sending an inquiry to personnel about her existence (word of advice – be careful with that one.  You may have to tell her and that is not fun at all!).

I don’t know if I was being Catfished or if she was legit and just young and angry. Doesn’t matter now; it’s done.  I am glad.  The entire thing wore me out mentally and even physically.  It wasn’t worth it, I don’t think so, anyway…

What do you think?

Namaste, my friends,


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