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Flash Friday – 250 (+/-10) words – One Man’s Trash – Rated PG

Old Car. Photo by Brigitte Werner.

It’s time, once again, for Flash Friday hosted by Rebekah PostuPak.  This week a 250 (+/-10 ) word story based on the photo above.  After reading my entry below, please click > HERE < for the rest of the entries.  Enjoy!


One Man’s Trash

By Scott L Vannatter – 242 Words


Billy bit down a bit harder on his thumbnail as he stared through the wire fence at the jalopy lying in ruins on the other side.  Dust blew in his eyes from the casual breeze, but he never flinched in his attention.  This was the car!  This was his future!

Each and every day for the last two months, on the way home, Billy had stopped to gaze at the old abandoned vehicle sitting in the field near his house.  First, he imagined sitting behind the wheel and driving down the streets of his broken-down neighborhood.  Then, he thought about Maria sitting beside him, so proud of his efforts and choices which brought this mode of transportation into his life so he could share it with her.  Finally, he stretched it into a life of love and marriage and carrying their new one in the back seat to and from their families’ homes.

Now, he had started those beginning steps; now, he had gone and found the people who had last owned the car; now, he had gotten signed permission to take ownership if he would remove it from the field.  Now, he would begin life anew.

Billy reached in his pocket and felt the oily slickness of the cleaned socket wrench he carried with him.  His other three pockets held multiple tools he would need to bring his dream to life.

He stepped through a hole in the fence and began…




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