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Speaking of the Past: Me to … Me

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When you read the following post you are going to wonder why in the world I put a picture of Amanda Palmer here.   So, I will tell you.  Amanda is a heroine of mine; she has become a role model of sorts.  She is herself and that has caused quite some turmoil.  I hope to do a bit of the same myself, someday… I wish she could read this and make a comment!  That would, indeed, make my day! (It doesn’t hurt that I find her very attractive either)

There was a project being done on YouTube about what would you say to your younger self if you could.  I have lost the link, sorry, but I imagine you can find it, should you choose to do so. It was about 2-3 minutes and very good.  But what it really did was get me thinking:  What would I really say to me?

I mean, come on, it would be great to tell myself to invest in Amazon, Microsoft, or even Walmart before they were even thought about.  But, forgetting that, what would I truly say?

If I think about it, I am a product of every decision I made throughout life, every choice, every move, every … thing.  How much would that change if I went back and warned me?  If I knew I was going to go through two divorces, would I marry?  Then, I don’t have my two wonderful children.  The world would be a worse place without them, that’s for certain.  Would I marry then leave right after they were born instead of trying for years to work through something that wasn’t going to work out?  Then, my two wonderful children would grow up totally different and might not be the loving, kind, great people they are today.  How about trying harder to work out the marriage?  Nope, been there tried that.

I guess I might be okay with telling myself that I should have more confidence and be more assertive.  My life might have been happier and fuller.  I also doubt much that I would have the same friends, experiences, jobs, memories as I do now – in fact, I know I wouldn’t.  Then, how could I make the right decisions?  How would I be able to guide my children, my students, you all as my readers?

The answer to all the above is:  I couldn’t.  It wouldn’t happen.  Life might be better for me, but I am not certain it would be any more fulfilling.  My life was tough, no doubt about it now.  I got stomped on; I got beat down a lot; I cried myself to sleep on more than one occasion.  What came of that?  Well….here’s what:

I became the me that I am now proud of.  I became the me who had the stroke which gave me the time and mental fortitude to become published, to write a blog, to keep writing a blog, and…

To sit here and realize that life is just as it needs to be.  Period.

So, what I accomplished by deciding what I would say to myself is to reinforce my mantra:

Everything works out in the end; if it hasn’t worked out, it isn’t the end.

That’s what I did.  Good for me!



Amanda Palmer – It’s My Post; I will Write What I Want (Note- Rated R)

Okay, I tried to do it in the title, but let’s do it very clearly right here:  This particular post can be read without any problem by  most anyone.  However,  IF YOU DECIDE TO WATCH THE LINKS (ESP. THE SONGS), then be advised of possible profanity and/or nudity.  There, that’s for those of you who just can’t deal with that.  The TED video is what you will want to watch, I imagine.

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I was buzzing surfing playing looking searching the Internet today ( well, yesterday, now) and came across an older vid I had already seen of Amanda Palmer.  Now, there are going to be those of you who say, “OMG, not Amanda Palmer!” (maybe even not so nicely).  There will be those of you who scream, “Yeah!  Amanda Palmer!” (Not so many).  And, there will be many of you who will say, “Who?” (a lot of those, I imagine).

Amanda was someone I met online (just me, she had little to do with it).  I saw her in a TED video.   During THIS VIDEO, she spoke a great deal about the power of not worrying and simply asking for help.  She also spoke highly (more here) about making songs free and asking for help from fans.  If you do nothing else in this post please WATCH THE “THIS VIDEO” above.

I followed this by listening to some of her songs:  Pick a Couple (The words speak volumes, whether or not you like them or even her)

Then, to top it off…  Well, here’s the story, in brief:  She did a concert in England.  The “Daily News” (Tabloid) covered the story and said very little about it except that her breast managed to fall out of her top at one point.  Instead of getting mad, she did the following at another concert (I believe it was the next one): RIGHT HERE!

So, she has my vote.  She has rhyme and reason to her songs; she isn’t afraid of much of anyone/thing; and, she is attractive (had to throw that in there).

I like a lot of her ideas.  The big one about music being free and the groups/singers being supported by gifts from the fans is wonderful (Watch the TED talk).

This is a post in support of what she stands for and who she is.  I only wish she would see this and make a comment!!!



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