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What a Day!

I took my daughter out to eat and to see a matinee today. We saw “Hotel Transylvania”. Now, it was cute, very funny, and had a good point to it. There were a total of 6 of us in the theater so that was nice. The film managed to be dumb enough that you didn’t have to compare it to real life at all (animated), but it still managed to pull you into the father/daughter struggle as well as the love interest. I really enjoyed it.  The link to the clip is below.

While I was there, we stopped at the branch office of my bank and I had them cancel the card that was (is?) in the mail and print me out a new one with a new number and all. It works fine.

We ate at “Steak ‘n Shake” – a chain restaurant in the area. I am able to eat there if I choose carefully without overshooting my carbs. They did overload the onions a bit and I paid for that later. Actually, still paying a little for it!

When I got back home I was supposed to meet my buddy for dinner at our usual restaurant. I didn’t call him before I left and he called right after I left for it. He had already called on my cell, but it is usually off unless I am using it to call (long story. Suffice it to say that I forget to charge it). Anyway, he was sick and couldn’t come eat, so I called him when he was late and found out. I went ahead and ate supper.

The restaurant was really packed and busy. They were short-staffed that night by two waitresses and it was a rough night for them to work as I could tell.

I suppose my worst part of it all was that, when I left, it was rainy and dark. Those two things don’t go well with my vision problems. I made it home fine, but the country roads at night in rainy weather are bad if you had great vision.

I got a rejection note from the publisher for one of my stories; however, he told me it was well-written and good and to keep trying to sell it (it was for an anthology and he said it was too much like several they had already selected). He also wanted me to keep sending my stories to them.

I am behind again in posts (49 this time), but I know now I can catch up, so if you have missed my comments, just wait. I will get there.

It has been a long day and, looking back at this post, I imagine it will even be funny to me tomorrow!


Let’s Celebrate a Bit!

Ok, I missed the actual date on Friday, so I will catchup now.

There are just so many great things going on right now, I am in awe.

1) I bought a new mattress and box springs and I am sleeping like a baby. The last 3 nights have been wonderful! And, I have not been waking up to pains every morning.

2) I hit 200 posts on Friday! That’s a lot to me in a short time. Thank you all for sticking it out here with me.

3) I have 1887 comments to date.

4) According to stats, I have over 500 followers!

5) One of my earlier posts – The Minotaur poem and Haiku – has been viewed nearly every single day since I posted it!

6) I am just shy of 6,500 views on my blog from 86 countries

7) Just under 100 views on my highest day

8) I have over 1375 likes so far!

9) I also have a date on Wed!

10) I have some of the most wonderful friends on here! It is so great. I look forward to coming on here every single day.

To Celebrate, I decided, after my usual form, to give you some short YouTube clips to watch tonight. That’s all! Nothing long and complicated. You need a night off, too.


Okay, I was trying to post one of Simon’s Cat videos and, accidently, posted the whole list of 24 videos!  Don’t feel you need to watch them all, but 1 or 2 would be good…Funny!!!


This one was not funny but I really liked it. Maybe not for the little kids, but you all should be able to handle it (PG13?)


And, just for those who love action and are post apocalyptic fans like me, here is a short animated film:




Beauty lies within yourself

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