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A Film Worth Watching

As I have said before, I love movies – of all types.  I decided to watch a movie tonight, but didn’t know what to watch.  Weeks ago (probably months) I bought quite a few movies at a local store that were in paper, nameless cases for $3 each.  If it looked interesting, I bought it.

I am just now getting around to watching them.  The first one was a very good film (B+ in my rating scale) called “Centurion”.  It won’t win any awards (I am pretty certain it didn’t), but it was intriguing and enjoyable.  It was about the Romans’ battle against the Piks (sp?), a long-time battle that, I believe, brought about the building of Hadrian’s Wall.  Clip follows:

But, it was the next movie that brought about this post.  I didn’t know what I wanted to watch, but knew I didn’t really want horror, sex, or extreme violence (how about that for a male?).

The movies didn’t have descriptions, just a title.  I chose “Dead Awake”.  It was a film with both Rose McGowan and Amy Smart in it.  How could I go wrong? 🙂 I put it in the computer and began.

What it turned out to be was a decently made B movie that went slowly and steadily and pulled you into it.  It had some twists and turns, but wasn’t an action movie and really wasn’t a thriller.  The ending caught me a bit off-guard as I had just been thinking in another direction.  It was good.  I doubt it costs much to rent; heck, it may be on television somewhere.

Anyway, worth watching and made me think:  What really is death and how does it truly work?  Any ideas?



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