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Accidents – Long Version (Part 1)

Some time ago, I wrote a story for FSF (Five Sentence Fiction) entitled “Accidents”.  It got good response and one reader, “Hugs,” felt it deserved to be a longer tale.  I agreed to do that someday and today is that time.  I don’t know how long the story will be, so I can’t tell you how many parts.  I can say that my last one was four parts.  I do better with short stories right now; my concentration level stays up for them.  So, we begin:


By Scott L Vannatter


(Based on the short story “Accidents” written for “Five Sentence Fiction”)

“Tommy Renko” – He stood back and thought about it.  The name would certainly go down in history.  Sometimes, that was a good thing; often, it wasn’t.  Here, it wasn’t.  He knew that his names would be on everyone’s lips once they figured it all out.  Heck, he wasn’t going to deny it if asked.  Yeah, word would get out.

Tommy thought back.  This certainly wasn’t the first time he would be known for his “accidents”.  His mom would know for sure who did all this.  He could see her face, again, looking that way.

First time was when he was about ten.  He had figured out how to fly.  He had created his “Renko Flyer” and set it up in the barn.  The old gas-powered plow had been connected and the guide rope had been hung from end to end of the old wooden barn.  He had just known that a fifty-two-foot acceleration would get the device to fly for several minutes.  He had climbed aboard and pulled the cord with the plow running.  The initial jerk had thrown him into the loft while the flyer had run down the rope, hit the side of the barn and burst apart, throwing gasoline and plow parts everywhere.  One of the parts had been hot enough and the entire structure had gone up in minutes.  Tommy had made it out, but his rear-end had hurt almost longer than his pride.

The second incident had been in high school.  He had not made the swimming team, but had decided that he could treat the swimsuits in a chemical bath that would reduce water friction and warm up the swimmers so they could do better.  He probably should have tested it and he probably should have told someone beforehand that he had done it.  Come to think of it, he probably should not have done it at a swim meet that was covered by the local media.  But, 20/20 hindsight was always there.  As it happened, the chemicals reacted with the chlorine in the water and, well, they unraveled totally while everyone was warming up in the pool.  No one had pressed charges, though he had worked for 2 months at school to pay for the new suits, and no students on the swim team talked to him for months, at least, not until the term “booty sharks” had not been mentioned for weeks by the other school members.

__End Part 1__



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