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What’s a Little Agreement Among Two People Who Disagree?

I have talked long and hard over the years about diabetes, especially mine.  I have tried the diets, the home cures, the meds, and whatever else seemed to work for some.  I have never seen anyone claim that every single person who does this thing will cure their diabetes.  I don’t really ever expect to.  Diabetes can come from many different directions and head in many others.  Inherited for some, but others seem to just develop it.  Some eat lots of carbs and sweets and get it, while others seem immune to that experience.  Still others, do everything right and still get it, while others eat all they want and don’t get it.

Now, the book “Dying to Be Me” states that it is our pushing our perfection and our nearly unlimited powers inside ourselves that cause us to get large scale diseases like stroke, diabetes, cancer. and others.  I am inclined to agree as the more deeply I delve into this arena of spirituality, the better I seem to feel and get.  As of right now, as I have accepted that I am special (as are we all) and nearly unlimited in what I can do (as are you, too) my body has changed deeply.  My blood pressure is way down even below normal; my sugar has dropped, my memory is returning; I have less and less trouble with my double vision; and I haven’t had so much as a cold in several years.  Not saying my health is perfect, nor am I saying that I have all this mastered.  Not at all, but I am saying, when I stop and take a good stock look at myself, I am much better person than I was several years ago.

You can scoff and laugh, throw up your hands and mark me a faker, liar, or whatever.  I am just noticing that this old world, that I was so angry at, has become beautiful again, and it more so than it was.  I am, well, happy.  I don’t run up hillsides proclaiming it (maybe I should).  I just try hard to help others when I can in my own little ways.  Know what I find out?  Most people are more comfortable with being miserable than being told that they can change it.  They are living in a world where they are comfortable enough that they won’t dare change.

Think about it like this:  if I told you that you can have mostly anything your heart truly desires (down deep inside), you would not believe me.  You, especially, wouldn’t believe me if I told you that you don’t have to work for it; you don’t have to be worn out and sacrifice to get there.  I have proved it enough to myself to dedicate my life to this pursuit, yet, even I fall short of it.  I fail a lot at it.  But, as I keep looking at it, the more I do over the long run, the better it has gotten.  It has been when I fought it and tried to push myself through it that it didn’t work at all.  We learn from life; I know we do because all things work out in the end.  I know we, often, may not see the end as we go along, but it’s there.  So, I keep trying and reading and thinking and believing…in myself and in the Law of Attraction, in quantum physics and in this unlimited, nearly unbelievable power we have been given from God.

As usual, this is not what I sat down to write and may have to change my title.  We will see.  This all came from a discussion within myself.  I have realized that by fighting my diabetic doctor on this front of taking Insulin once at night to balance things out, I am just causing myself to think about the bad effects more and more.  Sure, I have a good part of the medical world who agrees with me.  I will find that just because I am thinking about it.  Sure, I will hear the horror stories about taking insulin, same reason.  But, in the end, I am working against what I say is right for me and good for me and not using my unlimited powers.

So, I have decided to try not focusing on my diabetes so much.  Instead, I started realizing that it is a blessing, at this moment.  A blessing because, if I had not been diagnosed with it, I would have continued to pour in sweets and starches and gotten so overweight I would suffer from clogged arteries (cholesterol normal now), heart attacks (heart is very healthy now), and so many other problems.  I don’t have those because I was told I have diabetes.  I believe I can work toward not having diabetes if I see if as an aid to a path that I don’t need as much help on.  I am better at dieting and thinking and even will power.

So, my next visit I am going to work more with my diabetic physician.  I will compromise.  I have an idea and will present it to him.  We will see.

Now, you want something to really think about?  How about if I had diabetes and ate too much and problems with doctors and all of this just so I could write this post and help one person begin to see the things I am now seeing?  Think about that…need more help?  I have 3 books you really should read.  There are others, but these 3 will really provoke you and start you thinking.  And, I am here – bookman23@comcast.net

Books:  1) Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh

2) Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani

3) E Squared by Pam Grout



Flash Fiction – The Gods Unremembered PG13 – Mythology

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields hosts Friday Fictioneers, 100 word stories (well, more or less) based on a picture prompt (see below).  Please read mine, then click > HERE < for the rest.  Thanks and enjoy!!!

Source: PHOTO PROMPT, Copyright – Claire Fuller

The Gods Unremembered

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 words

Young Tony walked slowly up to the 30 foot statue and stared. The bronze and iron cast was covered in mold and barnacles and other scrapings from the sea. He turned to his father and, with a look of complete loss, asked the burning question.

“Dad, who is this?”

His father, being careful not to appear too ignorant, shuffled a bit before replying.

“Not really certain. It’s too covered to really tell.”

The couple walked off down the beach. Inside the statue, the mind was screaming.

“Triton! Just remember and I return! Why are you mortals so ignorant?”

Sadness overcomes.




And How Long Will This Miracle Take?

Source: Google Image – Licensed for Reuse. Click on Pic for page.

Well, things can get very interesting if you let them.

For instance, I pray for something.  Now, if it is something difficult, then a miracle may be needed.  I believe that God is perfectly capable of bringing that miracle into existence.  But, that is often the point at which I also decide that, perhaps, He shouldn’t.  I mean, who am I to say that He should grant such and such?  What if granting that something would really mess us other good things that are going on?  What right do I have to demand (pray without ceasing) that my miracle happen?  Anyway, that is often where I, at least, used to go with the conversation.

I have addressed that question according to my current set of beliefs and am comfortable with my answer.  How do I feel?  Well, now, I don’t pray exactly for miracles, at least, not in the same way.  I ask for what I choose to have come into my life or to come into the lives of others.  However, now, I add a statement at the end of my prayers.  It goes something like this:

Lord, I have asked for these miracles to come into my life.  But, only, God, if they can be part of the best for all concerned.  You know better than I and I will accept whatever happens.

Then, I accept whatever happens.  It doesn’t mean, to me, that I have set myself up to accept failure.  What it means to me is that I have allowed God to do what He does best: work things out the best for all concerned.

If you have read much of my spiritual beliefs, you know that I don’t hold much account with any religion.  They are fine.  People are welcome to believe what they will.  My beliefs, however, do not fit within the confines of any religion.  I love God and know that He loves me and that He loves everyone, even those I have great problems with.  His love is total; I can only try and approach that level; it is a goal.  But, that means that He is always looking out for everyone and, sometimes, my “miracles” could make that rough.  So, if God wants to supercede my miracle, then I know that, if I wait, something even better will come along.  It always has.  It’s the basis of my belief system:

All things work together for good in the end; if it hasn’t worked out, it isn’t the end.

There are hundreds of examples of this rule all around us.  The usual problem is that we don’t see the examples.  Either we are too busy asking for what we want or we are upset that what we want has not come to pass.  Either way we are missing out on some great stuff.

I am happy with my belief system now.  It is still being tweaked, but the basics are done and I am satisfied that God is truly in my life.

How do you feel about miracles?  This post could go many directions.  I have chosen one.  If you want another direction explored, simply start the discussion in the comments.  If it grows large, then I can make it into a separate post!  Love to hear from you all!



Your Faith and Your Life

I would like tonight to point you toward a post that intrigued me:

Post is here!

Now, the biggest thing, for me, about this post is it showed me the idea of living your faith by living your life.

I find, so often, people have their faith and they may be very lively about speaking concerning their views.  They  may have the answers to the most probing questions and be able to argue with the best of them.  I went through a phase similar to that one.  I was able to point out flaws in most faiths and show good reason why mine was good.

The problem is it, usually, only creates enemies when we do that.  No one wants to be talked out of their faith, not really.  We have chosen to believe a certain way and we try to stand beside it.

A big part of walking your faith as a part of your life is believing in yourself.

Rather than argue and try to persuade, I have learned if my faith is such a part of my life people cannot put me in the ring with hypocrites, but, instead, can tell you a lot about my faith by the way I live, then I have succeeded.  I am living my faith.  If my normal life is a good illustration of the basic me and how I feel and believe, it is hard to argue with that one.

At least, I am valid and consistent.

I think I am finally to the point I do, indeed, live my faith in my everyday life.  I walk the talk, so to speak.  I am now the type of person who will listen to someone talk, listen if they have questions, and try to comment if they want someone to comment.  This works for me.

I am much happier this way.

I much prefer talking instead of arguing and talking instead of debating.  Life is much simpler when your beliefs mirror your life.

Do you notice here that I have not said what my beliefs or yours are or should be?

I think that is good, too.  Your beliefs are yours; mine are mine.  If you desire to question (as have I in the past) and want comments and have come to me seeking, then I owe it to you to talk and discuss and give opinions; otherwise, you must be reasonably happy where you are, believing what you will.

I don’t seek to change that.

You are on your own path and that path may cross mine, should you choose for it to (or God choosing, of course).

I am waxing philosophical tonight.  Just some thoughts as I read through many posts and think about how we all should fit together and not be moving apart.  You all help me to shape my life and my beliefs.  I can only hope I can do the same for you if you need it.



A New Prayer?

"ὁ θεòς ἀγάπη ἐστίν" ó theòs agape e...

“ὁ θεòς ἀγάπη ἐστίν” ó theòs agape estín (Greek; trans. “God is love”) on a stele in Mount Nebo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A New Prayer
By Scott L Vannatter
September 6, 2012

Now, I lay me down to rest
I’ve always tried to do my best
But people do not understand why
I don’t do it their way and I don’t try.

I live the life God gave to me
He thinks it’s perfect don’t you see?
He worries not which games I play
Not what I question or what I say.

The Golden Rule is good for me
And for the most part, just let me be
Offer help and when I say no
Don’t turn in a huff and stomp and go.

Your way may be the one for you
I’d like to try mine to see me through
And, if I’m wrong and yours proves out
Don’t look at me and scream and shout.

And things you say are wrong and right
May change for you one day or night
You grow and change that’s good for you
Your body does, your mind should too.

I have one thing that you should know
God’s word is love; that word will flow
It’s like a river and like a dream
Not having love’s, kinda swimming upstream.

So, do what you do in city, on farm
Remember, first, please do no harm
Live your life and love all others
Treat them like best sisters and brothers.

I say this and only some will hear
What gets in the way is usually fear
“It’s different,” they say; “it must be wrong.”
But different can be just as strong.

It doesn’t follow your holy book?
Maybe it’s time to take a look
When it was written and what it was for
Perhaps some of its writings are no longer core.

Instead of telling me what my God won’t do
Please know He loves both me and you
He will watch over all that are in His sight
Never stopping to rest not even at night.

You say not all will be in Heaven there
That God will only give His care
To those that follow the ways of His order
But there are hundreds of those from border to border

I think if we start by tossing out fear
And know that God is always here
We might see a new way that really’s not new
It’s been talked through the ages by more than a few

We messed up the meaning; we have lost the true thing
It is staring at us and would have us to sing
We’re equal, all loved, God doesn’t throw away
The good He’s created; it’s in us today.

So, now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
‘Cuz no one loves me like He does still
He always has and He always will.

LOVE and CARE for you , my Dearest!!!

LOVE and CARE for you , my Dearest!!! (Photo credit: Thai Jasmine (Smile..smile…Smile..))

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