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Got Talent? They do!

For the most part, BGT and AGT have left us.  I don’t believe either show is on TV anymore, but they wowed us and humbled us for about 10 years.  That’s a long time!

So, rather than just say goodbye, Youtube has given them both a rather permanent place to live.  I love going back and watching my favs.  For your enjoyment, I took a little of the work out of sifting through all the posts on Youtube.  Here are 2 sets, around 10 each, running a total of about 1 hour.  They are among the best and I couldn’t wait to share them with you…

First set of 10 

Second Set of 10 (Golden Buzzer)




Britain’s Got Talent on the X-Factor

Caption: Britain’s Got Talent Judges – get source by clicking on photo.

I did not sleep well last night.  That has been the case for the last several night, in fact.  This morning, after about 4 hours of sleep (in which I woke up at least twice), I got up and decided to do my morning routine and sleep later.  As usual, I got sidetracked and started watching YouTube.  X-Factor has always been big on my list as has BGT and AGT.  No, not for Simon, but if I can watch Amanda Holden for an hour, so be it!  Anyway, I ended up watching about 90 minutes of the best, according to someone.  I decided that, rather than spew at you for 1000 words, I would let a picture (well, a lot of pictures moving fast) tell the tale instead.

Sit back and relax…watch for a few minutes or the whole thing.  Let me know what you think.  I loved them all!




Impossible Dream

I did post a short poem below, but I could not help but post this clip which has 2 men singing a song that brought tears to my eyes.  I am not certain I have ever heard it sung so well.

Following that with a poem is nearly inadequate, but I will try:

The Filth that was

By Scott L Vannatter

Oct 29, 1985

The last trickle of water swirled

.               down the dusty drain

After the gurgle, I cried,

.               “Why is it always like that – –

.               swirl and trickle until it’s gone?”

Dingy porcelain stared.

.               “Purity…Hah!”

The purest just went down the sewer.

Now the cleaning begins.

Make it sparkle, white, pure

So no one will know the filth that was.*


*I marked out the last line in the original.

-What do you think?  Leave it in? out? does it matter?



Perhaps, It’s Just Me

Perhaps, it’s just me, but there are times when I am in such a sentimental mood.  Today is one of those times, and you can either enjoy this post or not, it will all depend on you.

I was browsing YouTube with an idea for a post and simply got lost again (not that I don’t expect it, just thought I would … well, nevermind).  Anyway, as I was listening and watching, I finally decided to give you the task option to watch the clips below after my explanation.  They are well worth the time, but still, if you are not at all sentimental…

I do love the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  As I looked through YouTube, I realized what an evolution that song has had and what a history it has of helping people.  So, below are four examples of the song.

Number one is the original that everyone knows from “The Wizard of Oz”.

The second one is by a group known as “Celtic Woman” (OMG they are good and beautiful).

Then comes IZ singing the, now, famous new version.  His death bothered me as I didn’t really hear him until after he was gone.  I might’ve gone to Hawaii just to hear his voice live.

The final one is about 9 minutes.  There is a shorter version, but this one explained well what poor Connie was up against that day.

I think you will like them all.  Please let me know whether this was okay or if I should scrap these type of ideas.  I post for me, but you might as well enjoy them too.

Judy Garland

Celtic Woman


Connie Talbot




Overly Attached Girlf…Now, wait a minute!

Okay, today was another of those days that became a “YouTube” day.  It started out with me waking up about an hour early.  I went ahead and got up.  Now, it is 4pm and I haven’t had a nap, so, perhaps, tonight’s sleep will be decent.

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Anyway, I sat down at the computer and did my normal routine.  This included eating, reading emails, checking my schedule, checking my blog, and deciding what to do next.

The mistake that was made was that I checked my actual post page instead of my admin page, so I saw the videos that I posted the other night.

I watched my favorite of the three and then would have been fine; however, I did that thing you shouldn’t do – no, the other thing – and watched one of the selections that comes up when the video is ended.  Did you know you can do that from a post?  Well, you can and I did.

That led to more of “Britain’s Got Talent” clips (I love watching the different acts and, well let’s face it – Amanda Holden).  Anyway, things being what they are when you still have some ADD problems (A lot of it left when I had my stroke, but there are things…), I went from BGT to this and that on actual YouTube.  Did you know they have an actual autopsy in 2 parts (no pun intended, but it’s funny anyway)?  That was a bit of a downer.

There is also a place called “Real Dolls” (I think that’s the name) who make “realistic” life-size dolls to order – Jeez, I no longer feel so pathetic.  This to several other steps (I don’t remember them.  After all, I hadn’t originally planned to do the post on this) and then to reading my unread posts from blogs I follow.

I will credit  Mullberry Whine’s post on Gangnam Style  with sending me off on the next phase which sent me to a “Pandora TV” channel for a Japanese person.  I watched several of those videos before going to “Pandora TV” and treating it a bit like YouTube.

Thing was I got stopped only a couple of videos in by one entitled “Teens React to Overly Attached Girlfriend (Ft. Cimorelli)” . That one is listed as the second video below.  That one made me (hear me? Made ME!) watch the actual “JB Video” they were talking about.  That one is here>

Now, I am sorry, but this one had me laughing really hard.  Then,  I realized that I was watching it on YouTube and it said, over 11,000,000 hits!  OMG!  This started me on a quest to find out what was going on.

So, if you really want to get the story, start with video below 1 -Teens React to Overly Attached Girlfriend (Ft. Cimorelli) and follow it with 2 – Q&A with Laina (Overly Attached GF) – or heck, watch number 2 first (It’s really funny, but long).  Regardless of what you do (don’t watch either if you don’t want to!), have a great day, evening, and night.  I am hoping to sleep. I will try not to think of the woman I dated who was very much like that!






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