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Zuckerburg – What’s in a Name or a Face for that Matter?

I was reading through my set of Blogs for today and was on Susannah Bianchi’s Post about Michael Bloomberg , a very well-done and informative piece.  As I read I became enthralled with, what I considered to be, his apparent ability to be a very good President.  I went to Google, my place to go, and looked up Bloomberg.  Finding his promise to donate most all of his money (about $55.5 Billion) to the good of the world, I continued.  Please read Susannah’s post and Google’s page on Bloomberg for some really interesting information.

This, of course, led to my “wanderings” on the Internet.  To have me access Google is akin to tossing a cat into a barrel of fish and catnip.  I just start bouncing from one thing to the next as my interest dictates.  From Bloomberg, I went on to the Giving Pledge, a group of people (started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet) promising to turn, at least, 50% of their monies to charity by the time they die or just after.  I will give you one guess of which “billionaire” is NOT on that list.  No big surprise, but still bothers me.

Anyway, from that I began reading Zuckerberg’s Wiki page, here.  This was fascinating reading, mostly because the idea I had formed of him was given me by friends and media, and other locations.  In fact, some of the worst opinions were given me by people on Facebook (see Irony). Wiki has always been a place I go to get, mostly, unbiased info.  I know it is open-sourced. I have, actually, updated one entry on the game Oblivion.  However, what I read here, I feel, was, mostly, true and presented an individual who is not perfect, but still a person who wants a lot of good things for the world and its people.  He was one of the first dozen people who joined the pledge (above) and seems to be honestly concerned with helping people. It’s very hard to be rich and famous and people not dis you and put you down every time they get a chance or see a chance at being famous for their 15 minutes.

I, for one, think Mark Zuckerberg is being mostly helpful and I can’t help but believe that a lot of the stuff said about Facebook is false.  It’s just like Amazon’s Alexa and the idea that she listens to everything we say.  Maybe that’s true; Maybe it’s not.  But that doesn’t make something bad.

Well, this is beginning to take off into something else entirely, so I will stop.

I just wanted people to hold off on their opinions for a moment longer and do some checking of their own.  It’s like when I try to find out if something is a good product.  I don’t go to the company’s website.  OF COURSE, they are going to praise the item.  I do a Google search and look for companies of people who have nothing to get back from the item.  Then I read enough to decide what’s true and what’s just being said.  Then, I decide to buy it or not.  In this case, to write it or not.






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