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Having Some Online Issues…

I do not set out to make enemies.  At least, not usually.  I am not trying to here.  But, I have to say it because “blatant” just grabs me the wrong way.

There are two online sources of articles I read a lot of.  I will say their names:  The Huffington Post and Upworthy.  Both have provided me a lot of enjoyment and understanding in the last several (5-7) years.  The problem I find now is that both sources seem to be almost totally and predominantly against President Trump.  It’s not that they have come out and said it; it’s that a good portion of their articles have that slant to them.  I won’t say they are Democratic papers; I just look at them as, well, this year, I seem to have Conservative and Liberal mixed up.  I just took the shortest political survey : Shortest Political Survey and I seem to be a centrist leaning toward liberalism (nothing new to me).  I have said before that I don’t agree with everything President Trump proclaims.  But I agree with him more than with Hillary or any other political candidate I listened to.  I have stated that I support LBGTQ, for the most part.  My problem lies in the details.  I don’t agree with everything from any of them.  This world seems to be made of two factions:  Black and White (about 90%) and the Gray (about 10%).  People settle and then dig in with those who believe some of the things they do.  The problem I see is that none of the parties, factions, groups, or entities seem to have all the answers.  None of them looks at the gray.  All 9/10s of our US sees is B/W, no gray.  The world is not split like this.  If I ask you if you like ice cream and you give me a resounding “Yes!” and then I start naming exotic flavors, you will, most likely, curl your nose up at a few of the flavors.  It’s not that you don’t like ice cream, you just only like some ice cream. The same can be said for almost everything.  When the question is “Should government remove all drug laws?” I say “no”, but should the government allow medicinal Marijuana? Yes, I agree with that one.  Should the government allow consenting adults to do as they will about sex?  Sounds good on paper, but tell me how you would feel if your 7 yo and you were walking down the street and two people were nude and having sex in front of the grocery store?  It all depends and I think somewhere we are missing that.  It’s not B/W, it’s two million colors.  I just want people to think.  I get so tired of being on FaceBook and hearing tirades that just look at one side of the problem and insult or defriend anyone who does not totally agree with what that post stated.

Just venting.  But, it’s a real problem…how do you feel?



Old Can be Beautiful

For all those who commented:  Dad did not get to come home today.  The doctors are meeting in the morning to discuss his case.  We expect him to come home tomorrow, but he didn’t feel really well when I left tonight.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.  It will do him good and I love knowing I have so many good friends out there.

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I received an excellent email yesterday.  Since I am still busy taking Mom to the hospital, I will beg off once more and try to amuse thrill satisfy show you some beautiful pics I was sent.  The specialness of these pics is that they are all nearly 100 years old!  Magnificent photographs taken totally without the use of the digital camera or anything of the recent times.  These are true gems by true photography masters.


Detroit, MI 1917


Washington DC – 1914


Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn in 1909


Fifth Avenue, New York, 1913


Wabash Avenue, Chicago, 1907


Dexter Avenue and the Capitol, Montgomery, Alabama, in 1906


Washington, DC, 1913

These came in a general email.  I do not have any of the owners’ information.

What I can tell you is that I did not take them.  If any copyright infringement was made or if there are other legal problems, please know it was not my intent.  Let me know and I will take the pic(s) off this post in a reasonable time and manner.




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