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Changing Things is just a Part of Life.

Everyone should take a break now and then.

Well, I have been paying attention; I have been reading; I have been listening.  I have come to the conclusion that I need to start a break of some sort.  It came about a lot because I was 1/2 way to Noblesville today (about 15 miles into the trip) when I realized that I was tired enough I didn’t know that the lunch meeting was tomorrow!  I made use of being out there, but still…

So, here is what I am going to do.

1)  I will post on Wed / Thu / Fri as those are my writing prompts (Friday Fictioneers, Five Sentence Fiction, and Flash Friday).

2)  I will post on Tuesday.  That will be a normal, hopefully, well thought out post.

3)  I may pop a post in now and then off-schedule when something exciting happens.

That will give me 3 days off.  I will try to use those 3 days to get my head on straight, do some writing for profit, and enjoy getting out more before the weather gets bad.

So, I just thought I would tell you all this before I started.  You probably won’t hear from me Sat-Mon this week.  Don’t worry.  It’s my new schedule.  I was worried about my stats.  Then I realized that they are not important.  What is important is for me to keep my wits and all so that we can maintain the wonderful relationship we all have put together in this last year and a half or so.

Enjoy.  Namaste,


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