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A Whimsical Tale

Friday Fictioneers is run by Rochelle. This week’s  picture prompt comes to us by way of Sandra Crook.  Enjoy other stories Here.


I stood in front of the nearly-ruined building.  The streetlight standing in front looked just like one from the video game “Fallout 4”.  I marveled at the way the structure managed to remain standing, again like “Fallout 4”.  As I continued my search, my gaze settled on the Smart Car sitting in front of the building.  I had always wanted one of those.  Suddenly, it started its own engine, then simply pulled forward a few yards and took off…from the ground and into the air!  Was there someone inside?  Was the door gone? My! Now, I want one of THOSE!


100 Words – Namaste,


Who Me? I’m Not Afraid!

Nope, not me, I never did THAT!

Yesterday, I talked about my work as a security guard in closing down a theft ring in our company.  There were other less important, but just as exciting jobs and circumstances that I  had to suffer through, deal with as a security guard.  In many ways it was one of my very favorite jobs.  However, there were times…

I began my duties on third shift.  We had 8 buildings to guard and 4 of them were empty during my shift; 7 of them empty on weekends.  So, a lot of the time, I was walking through totally empty (I hoped) buildings in the dark.  I had a flashlight and it was a good one, however, I did enjoy horror movies and stories.  Coupled with the dark and the circumstances…you get the idea.

Yeah, but minus the guy and all the lights!!!

One of our buildings was right next to a set of railroad tracks.  These tracks were well-used all through the night.  I didn’t mind the noise of the train.  Silence is often eerie and the train’s noises on the track and the whistles would break up that dreaded silence.  In fact, it got to the point, for me, that I blocked out the train’s noises nearly completely.  That, was a bad thing, it turned out.

This building was also extra dark.  Every single light was turned off inside when people were not there.  It was very nearly pitch dark.  You know, that type of darkness that seems to suck in the light; that type of darkness you often see on the horror movies.

Our main concern was checking for broken pipes or lights left on, things of that nature.  Sure, we were to check for theft and such, but a lot of that would be evident from tampering on the outside of the building or just inside the door (ie. noises).

Anyway, my duty on that round would be to punch in the detex watchclock (I carried a round timer in my hand.  I would go to a spot in the building that had a small key and I would turn it in the timer.  This would record what time I was at that station.).  There was really only one in this building, but we would always walk the inside perimeter just to make sure.

I was walking this route in the deep dark once night and the train went by.  As I have said, I almost didn’t hear it anymore.  I was on the far side of the building and the train’s vibrations shook a box of fasteners off the shelf.  The box of fasteners shattered the, otherwise, silent atmosphere of the building.  I managed not to wet myself, but, not knowing what the noise was, I hid behind a pallet of boxes and waited a good ten minutes before venturing out.  I found the broken box of fasteners, cleaned it up a bit, and figured out what had happened.

From that time onward, since I was supposed to be the only one in the building, I would walk in the door, close it, and scream at the top of my lungs, then listen for any other noise that might be someone else.

The closest I ever had to any real problems in that building was when checking the second floor once.  We had to check it out in the winter to make certain none of the pipes had burst.  The second floor consisted of old, unused office rooms with doors.  I remember opening one door and being hit in the face.  I grabbed my mace and sprayed the intruder, who turned out to be a pigeon or dove who had gotten stuck upstairs and was sitting on the door when I opened it.  It had dropped to the floor and I carried it outside.  For those of you who don’t know, mace, I guess, only works on this type of bird for about two minutes.  I had not completely gotten it to where I was going to let it go when it woke up and began flapping in my face!  It seemed about the size of a car at that moment, though it was not very huge at all.

Life as a security guard – what fun!



Developing your Craft

I do enjoy my video games and my movies. Lately, I have gone back to a game I began playing last year. It is called Minecraft and, if you haven’t played it, perhaps you should. Here’s the basics and some pics. Except for the one above, all the pics are screenshots of my game.  You decide for yourself. The site stated today that over 44 million people have registered (free) and over 7.8 million have bought it.

Minecraft is a downloadable game (or it can be played from your browser). One version is free and one has a one-time cost (and that cost is very reasonable). I played the free version long enough that I knew I wanted to play the pay version (I may be wrong, but I think in the free version you build and such, but no monsters and some other items).

Anyway, the general idea is that you have an entire world made of little cubes. The cubes all have different properties, depending on what they are: dirt, grass, rock, wood, gravel, sand, cobblestone, coal, diamonds, and quite a few others. You collect the cubes and by doing different combinations, you build houses, tools, and a lot of other items.

I think this is my favorite Screenshot!

In the beginning, it seems like a lot of work, but, as you do it and get used to it, second nature drops in. As an example:

You appear in an area. You use your hands to dig up some cubes of dirt.

You also use your hands to chop down a few trees (yes, it takes awhile for that).

Now, you have a small built-in craft table. You make a larger craft table and put it in the dirt house you make (reason in a minute).

On the bigger table you make the wood into sticks, the sticks along with some boards makes a sword, a hoe, an axe, and a pick.

You use the axe to cut more trees (much faster) and the pick to gather cobblestones.

You use the cobblestones to make a tougher and faster pick and shovel. With these items you can make a small furnace, and a chest to keep things in.

You continue to build until night time. If you have monsters then you must be in your house and protected (sealed in) through the night.

After a time you get a bed (which lets you sleep and skip the night while in the house) and so on.

The possibilities are nearly endless.

I have built a house in the sky, under water, huge houses, and little ones all over my world. My object has been to look all over and be able to find a house when night falls. If not, I have learned how to make a small hut very quickly and have a bed with me all the time to sleep in.

The game is very well documented. If you have a question, one way to get the answer quickly is to tab out of the game and, in Google, type in “minecraft” a space and your question or a word like “house”.

The only warnings I will give you to start is that you don’t want to be out at night and you don’t “save” the game. It perpetually saves so whatever you do, is done (just like real life). If you die (and you will, at least, at first) you appear either back at the beginning or in the nearest bed in a house, but without anything you were carrying!

Commands are pretty simple and you can farm wheat, make armor, gather animals (pigs and chickens), make food (even a cake), and even have a pet (a dog/wolf).

It is truly an amazing game and this short once-over is not nearly enough. I have not played to the end. There is a quest that is hard and long. I don’t do it. I have enough fun building and gathering to keep me busy.

You can look on YouTube for some clips about it, but they are not usually the simple things. I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. Just building a simple house that protects you that first night is really great.

Don’t take my word for it. Download the free version: www.minecraft.net and try it for awhile.

Make sure to use the tutorials and/or Google in the beginning, at least.

Good Luck and have fun!!!  Any questions, post them on this post.  I will see them.


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