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I am Eating What?!

Source: Wiki image search with license for reuse. Click the pic for the page.

Two things tonight:  First, I want to catch you up on me.  Second, I have something I found very interesting.  Many of you may have already known it, but I did not.


My efforts at being vegan and helping my health are working out very nicely.  People have gotten used to me being vegan now, so there’s that problem avoided most of the time.  I take my own food often when I visit someone else, and I get weird combinations at meals out.  As far as health is concerned, my blood pressure has dropped enough I think I may have to talk to the doctor about reducing something in my meds at my visit in December (if not before).  My reading today was 104/34 and that is a tad low for that bottom number.  I don’t feel bad, but still may need to ask.  I have not had my repeat tests; those will be on December 12th.  But my sugar is lower now (my diet is better packed with vegetables) and my weight has dropped 9.6 pounds (a little less than 1 pound per week).  I can even report last night, for the first time in over 2 years, I slept 6.5 hours without getting up!

Second, I have found I really like sauerkraut.  Now, I already knew this, but stayed away because of salt content.  Well, the salt does not seem to be bothering me and I do love the taste.  What I really love is the taste of the brand I buy now at Earth Fare.  It’s made of cabbage, sea salt, and water.  This is what got me to doing some online studying.  I always thought sauerkraut had vinegar in it.  That’s way I thought it was so sour.  Not so!!!  Wiki (link at end) tells me that sauerkraut is fermented cabbage!  I did not know this.  I was fascinated as I read how they leave the cabbage out for days or even weeks to ferment it and make it taste so good.

I then read how very good for you it is.  The enzymes in it are excellent for digestion, the product itself is good for soothing your stomach (that was a big surprise), and there was some talk of it helping to stop cancer.  These are excellent reasons.  The bad part?  Well, the only part mentioned was the resulting flatulence that can happen (read that as “probably will”).  Sounds good to me.  After all, there is some advantage to living alone!

I know I really shortened the wiki article in the above, but that is the main high points.  The article is very well done and you should take the 10 minutes and educate yourself on this particular food product.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sauerkraut

Enjoy eating, enjoy living, and enjoying whatever else comes your way.



Party, Prep, and Post

Less than 1 hour and New Year’s Day will be over.  It has been an interesting year already at 1 day old.

New Year’s Eve was spent getting ready for my hosted noon meal for family and selected friends.  I did manage to cook a large and small crustless pumpkin pie with Splenda.  I also prepared the Pork Chops (16 of them) in the crock pot where they simmered to perfection for about 11 hours on low until mouth-watering and falling apart when touched.  Now, the fact that 3 batches of pie filled my mixing bowl to within 1/2inch of the top and that I thought, for a bit, that I might have to go out to Wal-Mart at 3AM should not take away from the eventual success of the day.

I did go to the Virtual party hosted, in part, by Robin Coyle.  I did have a good time visiting and did make my presence known, at least, somewhat.  It was fun and different and something I don’t think I could host in the near future.  Robin, you and all concerned should be very proud of what you accomplished.  It was great.

The New Year’s Day meal was great, too.  There were eight of us (nine if pregnant niece counts as two).  The meal consisted mostly of pork chops, fried cabbage, pasta, several layer salad, mashed potatoes, red potatoes, and green beans for main meal.  Drinks included what everyone brought, plus a house wine and a couple of bottles of soda purchased at about 1:30pm just before eating and with a lot of trouble getting them.  Dessert was my pumpkin pie (big hit), brownies (I miss those), Chex-Mix sugar style, and some cookies.

After the meal, we played Fluxx (card game), Scattergories, and The Game of Things while others watched old TV programs (George Burns per example) and/or slept.  There were no football games being watched as I have Roku not cable and could not get the stations.  I expected a big uproar from the guys, but everyone was nice about it.

Things ended around 4:30pm for most everyone.  A very good friend of mine stayed and we watched “Broken Flowers” – an interesting film starring Bill Murray.

It is now 11:44pm.  I am tired, but happy.  There is a lot to clean up in the kitchen tomorrow, but the rest of the house is in good shape.  Other than wrap and mail 2 Amazon packages, I have the day cleared and plan to read some posts and catch up on my writings.

Welcome to the New Year!  2013 is going good so far.




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