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If it’s not one thing – Well, it is usually more things.

Long week.  Dad passed on the 25th of July.  His birthday was yesterday (Tuesday).  Sis had her cancer surgery Monday.  She is doing well, miserable, but well.  Me?  I went to the Doctor’s this morning with a stuffy head, drainage, body aches, no fever, and a bad raspy cough.

The doctor kinda looked at me and said, “Stress.”  I didn’t think about that.  I am under so little stress since my stroke and I have such a different outlook on life that I forget stress can still get to me.  So, I am sick – I am stressed.  Okay, I will get better – am getting better.

I used to play a card game called “Magic the Gathering” (ooh and aah).  Well, I played and I shared it with my students and met with a group of them after school once a week.  We had fun and they learned to play nicely together.  I collected the cards and gave them or traded them to the students as a reward for behavior or whatever.  We all enjoyed the time.   Of course, that buying of cards to sell meant buying bulk cards at a good rate.  I now do not play, so I have been trying to sell the lot of them (or most, I still want to maybe play).  Well, I found someone to buy them and we are meeting later this week.  The final sell count was just over 49,000 cards…YES, I wrote that right… over forty-nine thousand cards!  I am pleased to be selling them and I am pleased to have them out of my house.  I kept several hundred for myself, but that’s a small amount that won’t take up a lot of room.  However, getting them out and separated and counted…wow!  I am tired and still sick…But, it is done.

So, tired, sick, and somewhat happy, plus glad Sis is fine.  I guess I will call it a day.  DAY!



A Busy Day Coming

Well, I will make this one short today, also, as my father is in the hospital and I am getting ready to take Mom to go there and sit with him.  I am just concerned here that I will get caught up there and not return until too late to do anything of a decent post.

We aren’t sure quite what the matter is.  He is having trouble breathing and we are told it is because there is fluid around the heart.  Also, his blood pressure is way high, down now.  The doctors believe it is either that his kidney is not working well enough to pump the water off his heart or the beginnings of congestive heart failure.  I don’t like either, but hope it is the first.

A quick replay of last night.  I had three friends come over for dinner and cards.  We played Fluxx, a wonderful card game where the rules change with each card played and it gets a little wild, but always fun.

Supper was mine to make.  One of the friends brought low-carb Cole Slaw, which was nice.  We had low-carb Nestle Toll House Cookies (I used 1/2 Soy flour and Splenda).  The main dish was baked spaghetti.  I made it with low-carb Bertolli’s onion garlic sauce and Dreamfield’s pasta (which is a controversial low-carb that works well for me).  The baked spaghetti is easy and delicious.  Wish I had taken a picture.

You bake the hamburger (lean, about 2 pounds) and cook the spaghetti al dente (undercooked).  Then you layer a glass pan with repeating (I did 2 full layers) of hamburger, then spaghetti, sauce, Parmesan cheese, Basil, garlic powder, and nutmeg.  Follow that with sliced American cheese and repeat all if you can fit it in the dish.  Now, put it in the oven, preheated to 350 degrees, for about 45 minutes or until top cheese is very nice and melted and done.  Serves about 6 people.  Reheating adds some of the carbs back so be careful.  Delicious.

That’s it for today.



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