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Wut’s Happn’n?

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Well, it is July 4th around 10:15pm.  I have visited with family and now dragged myself home to the relatively quiet of my abode.  The cat is settled too, though I wonder with all the fireworks going off all around.

I am now into day 11 of my new extreme vegan diet.  There have been no ill effects.  I have only been hungry a couple of times.  It feels wonderful to eat the new choices and eating out has been a challenge, but neither impossible nor extremely difficult.  The basic result has been a feeling of refreshment over my entire body and, according to the chart I keep, my blood pressure and blood sugar are okay and fairly stable and my weight has gone down slightly.  I have been told that I now look thinner, especially in my face.  I feel a bit thinner and my neuropathy seems to have lessened in both scope and severity.  All in all, I am very happy I made this life change.

I have also built up much more confidence than I previously showed to people.  I am reading and learning about relationships and have decided for the moment, anyway, that I should seek out a relationship.  At the least, I would enjoy dating one person and us both being exclusive in that.  Marriage can be on the table, but I am in no hurry and would need for things to be going extremely well for that to occur.

My book is still being worked on.  I have passed the 12,000 word mark, so slow and sporadic.

My sleeping habits have changed over the last couple of weeks.  I am hoping the diet is affecting it and will continue to do so.  At present, I seem to be sleeping about 3-4 hours, sometimes after a 1 hours stint, up for 2 hours, then sleep for 2 and 1 more for 7-8 hours.  Then I seem to require 1-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  On average, I am in bed 9 1/2 – 10 hours a day which is not unreasonable.  My dreams come frequently and I feel a bit more rested all through the evening until bed again.

I have taken to watching “Jericho” (2 seasons) at present and reading both the book on relationships and one on great SF stories of the year.

My work for the library, my writing, and any other productive activities do not seem to be fairing very well right now, but I am feeling stronger and more like doing things, so we will see.  My reading of other posts is doing about the same.  I continue to do what I can when I am up to it.

I know this is just a catchup letter, but my usual Thursday night writing prompt did not happen on this holiday week and I decided that letting you all know how I was faring would be okay.  There are fewer people reading right now, anyway.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.




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