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Here It Is: Easter Again

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I used the above picture for the sole reason that when I typed the term “Easter Celebraton” (no quotes) into Google, it was one of the choices and I could find no good reason.  🙂

As I sit here writing this, I find myself wondering that it is a big Christian holiday:  Easter.  Easter is upon us and all day there has been celebrating and church, meals, and candy.  Those go together in my head because of my Christian upbringing, but as I sit here now and think about it, the whole Easter Bunny, church, Salvation, Resurrection, and celebration ideas just don’t fit very well.  Children pay more attention to Christmas and Easter because of gifts.  That may be the big draw to those two holidays.  I am not downing anyone who celebrates it at all.  I think celebrating is good for the body, mind, and soul.  I am simply pointing out something I noticed.  You can do with that as you will.

I used to be a big celebrator of Easter.  Easter Bunny in the morning, followed by church.  In my early years, it was Church at dawn, then Bunny, then church afterwards, followed by the noon meal.  This was a big feast in which all of my immediate family as well as my Dad’s family got together and celebrated.

We didn’t do that this year.  My family – parents, sibling, children, great niece, and so forth got together, ate, then did various things (such as nap) before leaving to go home around supper time.  It was enjoyable, but nothing like it used to be.

I have become non-religious in the last few years.  Not atheist, by any means, simply not a follower of Christianity or any other organized religion.  I don’t miss it.  My own closeness to God occurs anyway, much to the disbelief of many who feels that a non-churchgoer cannot have much faith.  I see this as a very limited perspective.

Be that as it may, I decided I should attempt to write something on this holiday.  Not certain exactly how I have done, but here it is.



FSF-Five Sentence Fiction – “May We Direct Your Attention” Romance – PG

FSF – Celebration

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word.

The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

FSF – Five Sentence Fiction-Celebration

Please read my story listed below, then click > Here < for the rest of the stories.


“May We Direct Your Attention”

By Scott L Vannatter

Oct 3, 2013

Sarah steps onto the red carpeted stage at the International Celebration of Technology with a rose in her hand and applause ringing in her ears from the packed audience attending the event.

She saunters to the podium fully prepared to render a speech about the history of technology and the aim toward a future of paperless business and computerized appendages.

As she clears her throat, she sees Marshal, her love of three years, step onto the stage and walk determinedly toward her with fire in his eyes, and she prepares to ask him to leave.

He comes up to her side, drops to one knee, and pulls a ring from his pocket; she is stunned.

Her speech is momentarily forgotten as Marshal declares his undying love for her, asks for her hand in marriage, and waits passionately for the answer to come from her shaking form.




Party, Prep, and Post

Less than 1 hour and New Year’s Day will be over.  It has been an interesting year already at 1 day old.

New Year’s Eve was spent getting ready for my hosted noon meal for family and selected friends.  I did manage to cook a large and small crustless pumpkin pie with Splenda.  I also prepared the Pork Chops (16 of them) in the crock pot where they simmered to perfection for about 11 hours on low until mouth-watering and falling apart when touched.  Now, the fact that 3 batches of pie filled my mixing bowl to within 1/2inch of the top and that I thought, for a bit, that I might have to go out to Wal-Mart at 3AM should not take away from the eventual success of the day.

I did go to the Virtual party hosted, in part, by Robin Coyle.  I did have a good time visiting and did make my presence known, at least, somewhat.  It was fun and different and something I don’t think I could host in the near future.  Robin, you and all concerned should be very proud of what you accomplished.  It was great.

The New Year’s Day meal was great, too.  There were eight of us (nine if pregnant niece counts as two).  The meal consisted mostly of pork chops, fried cabbage, pasta, several layer salad, mashed potatoes, red potatoes, and green beans for main meal.  Drinks included what everyone brought, plus a house wine and a couple of bottles of soda purchased at about 1:30pm just before eating and with a lot of trouble getting them.  Dessert was my pumpkin pie (big hit), brownies (I miss those), Chex-Mix sugar style, and some cookies.

After the meal, we played Fluxx (card game), Scattergories, and The Game of Things while others watched old TV programs (George Burns per example) and/or slept.  There were no football games being watched as I have Roku not cable and could not get the stations.  I expected a big uproar from the guys, but everyone was nice about it.

Things ended around 4:30pm for most everyone.  A very good friend of mine stayed and we watched “Broken Flowers” – an interesting film starring Bill Murray.

It is now 11:44pm.  I am tired, but happy.  There is a lot to clean up in the kitchen tomorrow, but the rest of the house is in good shape.  Other than wrap and mail 2 Amazon packages, I have the day cleared and plan to read some posts and catch up on my writings.

Welcome to the New Year!  2013 is going good so far.



A bit of a Finish to the Computer Drama

Well, Christmas was officially over about 4 minutes ago.  I made it through and all things are pretty good.  My Dad ended up in ER Christmas morning about 5.  He was having trouble breathing, so prayers please!  He is home and is better.

As for me, however, my computer and I nearly parted friends.  As you know if you have been following, I have been trying to put in a bigger hard drive, backup my stuff, and get my email working.  Christmas Eve found me working on it.  I also needed to cook my special pumpkin pie for diabetics.  Easy recipe is to follow what is on the Libby’s brand pumpkin can but substitute Splenda cooking sweetener for the sugar and I leave out cloves and add pumpkin spice.  It goes from about 60 carbs a slice to about 14 carbs a slice.  I know the calories have to be dropping, too, I just don’t count them.

Anyway, I mixed up a double batch.  Now, I had already spent almost an hour trying to figure out if I could use the condensed milk I had that said “Best if used by Nov 12, 2012”.  I called Mom; she called the grocery store while I looked on Google.  Grocery and Google concurred that condensed milk is good for a very long time if not opened.  When I opened it, the smell was only as nasty as normal for condensed milk – lol.  I mixed it all up really well and went to the oven, which was on preheat.  When I checked it the broiler was on.  I worked and worked and could not figure out why the temp knob kept turning on the broiler.  Finally, I understood that my cleaning person had taken off the knobs to clean them well and had put them on backwards!  Switched them and all was fine.

I went back and worked on my computer and again after the Christmas Eve celebration.  This time I got it working!  It booted and all I needed was to get email working…but wait!  as I was checking it out, the monitor blew out!  I checked, reset, then replaced it with one that is very, very old (weighs about 50 pounds and is 13 inches).

Very very late (or early – depending), I and Google managed to get my email working.  I would put an exclamation on that sentence, but it was still glitchy and I did not have a “sent items” folder.  I found out that Outlook 2000 is not to be used on Vista without many problem.  So, today (Christmas Day) I switched it back to the old hard drive.  The new one is my backup for now and works well enough.  My plan is to buy a new copy of Windows 7 and a monitor and replace both, putting the software on my new hard drive.  It should work.  That is my project for the next 2 weeks.

Finally!  Christmas is over and I am told that we are expecting a blizzard this morning in about 2 1/2 hours.  I have food and your wonderful company, so I should be happy for the most part.  I really needed my cleaning person to be able to get here though and help me get the house ready for everyone on New Years Day!  What a holiday!

Still, I hope you all enjoyed your time with friends and family and pets.  It has been a glorious year so far and I am looking forward to the next one.  How much better could it be?!  After all, we outlived an apocalypse!!!

Love you all,


Let’s Celebrate a Bit!

Ok, I missed the actual date on Friday, so I will catchup now.

There are just so many great things going on right now, I am in awe.

1) I bought a new mattress and box springs and I am sleeping like a baby. The last 3 nights have been wonderful! And, I have not been waking up to pains every morning.

2) I hit 200 posts on Friday! That’s a lot to me in a short time. Thank you all for sticking it out here with me.

3) I have 1887 comments to date.

4) According to stats, I have over 500 followers!

5) One of my earlier posts – The Minotaur poem and Haiku – has been viewed nearly every single day since I posted it!

6) I am just shy of 6,500 views on my blog from 86 countries

7) Just under 100 views on my highest day

8) I have over 1375 likes so far!

9) I also have a date on Wed!

10) I have some of the most wonderful friends on here! It is so great. I look forward to coming on here every single day.

To Celebrate, I decided, after my usual form, to give you some short YouTube clips to watch tonight. That’s all! Nothing long and complicated. You need a night off, too.


Okay, I was trying to post one of Simon’s Cat videos and, accidently, posted the whole list of 24 videos!  Don’t feel you need to watch them all, but 1 or 2 would be good…Funny!!!


This one was not funny but I really liked it. Maybe not for the little kids, but you all should be able to handle it (PG13?)


And, just for those who love action and are post apocalyptic fans like me, here is a short animated film:




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