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Chances Are…

I was bouncing around YouTube tonight (of course) and stumbled onto this one clip.  It is rather long, but very addicting once you start it.

I made me think of myself and how many things had to come together for me to make it to where I am with you all now:

1) Stroke happened during dinner while with girlfriend who could drive a manual shift.

2) I was able to stay conscious long enough to stumble to the car and get in.

3) Traffic must have been low (we were in a high traffic area).

4) Was only a few blocks from hospital.

5) Both my children were only a few miles away (one lives way out of state) at a wedding.

6) My girlfriend was able to tell the hospital staff about my neuropathy when they thought I was paralyzed (no reaction in feet).

7) Daughter saw to it that I was treated in one of the best rehabs in state.

8) Sister looked out hard for me.

9) God was always with me.

Well, this clip shows what happens when chances are…

Enjoy and know that I love being here with you all.




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