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You don’t want to WHAT?!!!

I went to Indy today to see my stroke therapist.  I see her about every 3 months.  She was pleased with my progress and my acceptance of the way things are.  I am upbeat, outgoing, and moving around a bit, trying new things, and adjusting well.  But, you all knew that already.  I have blogged about it all year and last year!  So, that’s not what this is about.  It’s about what happened after that.

I stopped and ate at Cracker Barrel (My treat when I drive all that way and back), then headed back to Anderson.  When I got there, I decided to stop in at Wally Mart (that’s Wal-Mart to the uninitiated).  I picked up a few things (more than I meant to – lol), one of those being several packages of high fiber, low carb nutty crunch breakfast bars from Kellogg (which were on sale and had 50 cents off stickers on each package!).

I gathered my things and went to the checkout area.  Now, normally, I am getting all my groceries and have 30-40 items.  This means the long checkout lanes, people.  However, here, I only had 16-18 items and the “less than 20 items” lines were calling my name.  No, not over the intercom, just in my head…

Anyway, I looked.  There are 6 of those lines and 4 had cashiers!  Two had fairly long lines (3+ people), one had two, and the one closest to me had 1!!!  I jumped on that one.  The man in front of me who was walking upright, thin, less than 70, and seemingly intelligent was unloading the last of his items.  I looked, stopped, looked again.  He had, at least, 4 bags in the cart, 2 on the unloading area, and the cashier was ringing up his last 4-6 items.  Now, I know that I only taught middle school math and my math scores on the SAT were only in the top 2% of Ball State Students, but…I knew there were more than 20 items there!

I waited; he took his time.  I waited; he didn’t say anything to me.  I waited; the cashier didn’t say anything to me.

I let him get out of earshot and said, “20 items?!”

She smiled, shook her head and said, “No, 42.”

I looked at her and said, “Do you have to check them out when they have that many?”

“Yes,” she said, sighing just a bit.

“Why do you even have the lines then?”

“That’s what I keep asking.”

“So, they don’t want to make anyone upset?”


I couldn’t help myself.  “Well, I am upset that I have to pay for my groceries.  Can I have them free?”

She just looked at me.  I smiled, paid, and left.

Now, to his credit, I saw the man in the parking lot and he walked all the way back into the store to return his cart.  That’s the only credit I will give him.

However, I can’t really blame him.  Why not do it if no one will stop you?  How is it really his problem if he tries something and the store who makes the stupid rule doesn’t enforce it?  It makes me angry because I don’t go through the lines if I am more than 1-2 items over and then it is usually an oversight.

It makes me smile now because I sent out a forward today that said,

“The only reason for someone to hate you is because they want to be just like you.”

Hmm, yes, I want to be like him.  In fact, so that I don’t get angry anymore, I will up my limit to 25 items before choosing the other line.  That’ll teach ’em!

Got any store pet peeves? Here’s my top list:

1)  leaving carts in the lanes of the parking lots or in spaces.

2)  more than 22 or so items in the “20 or less” lanes.

3)  parking your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle while walking up and down the aisle to shop.

4)  opening packages to “sniff” or check for freshness, then putting them back on the shelf.

5)  putting spoilables (fruit, eggs, milk, etc…) on regular aisles instead of returning them.

6)  holding a conversation in the middle of the aisle so that it is blocked.

7)  walking in the “out” or out the “in” doors when someone is going the correct way and not stepping out of the way for them to pass.

8)  cutting line

9)  ***when a service rep ignores a customer in order to talk on the phone or some other task without even acknowledging they are there.

10)  two or three people walking side by side down an aisle and getting upset because you are trying to move your cart down the right side and they have to move.



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