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Really Mad, not “Acting”

I got up rather early for me, this morning, about 8:30.  That’s early because of going to bed at 3:00, but still…

Anyway, got up, got breakfast ready, then computer time for email, and beginning-of-day stuff.  While I was going through email, I saw one of those ads about seeing pictures of all the stars and their children taken at the same age.  It is basically to show how much they look alike.  And, they do, for the most part.  What was, at first, annoying, then, infuriating, was the person assigned to write the captions to all the pictures.  I think it is so cool to see the resemblances between parents and children, especially if I haven’t seen or, perhaps, don’t know the children.  That is what I wanted to see and hear about.  Yes, I wanted to know if they followed in their parent’s footsteps.  Yes, I wanted to know how they were doing.  What I didn’t need was a caption-by-cation talk about how “we hope so-and-so got a good inheritance”, “so-and-so doesn’t need a good inheritance”, and so on and so on ad adnauseum (yeah, that may not be right, but you know what it means).

It’s as if not a single actor or actress today would think of doing anything but living off of Mom or Dad’s money.  I know there are a few…mention those.  But to keep harping on the financial independence so much made me so upset, I quit looking at the pictures and stopped to write this post.  I mean, really, kids are not truly that bad.  Yes, there are some (read that as “a lot”), however, many many kids in their 20s and 30s do work and work hard.  To have to keep saying that “so-and-so certainly does or doesn’t need the money” only tells me that the caption writer did no research, had no time to write, did not care about the subject.  All of these are good reasons not to publish such stuff until it is done right.

Maybe I am just flipping out, maybe I am just tired, but it seems to me that there is more to the stories if people would just take some time (something not prone to do in today’s world) and study their jobs at hand.

*The “” were mine for emphasis, not to be construed as a direct quote.



An “Honest” Company from an Honest Woman

I have never really (not really) thought I was nuts.  I have always been able to think outside the box.  Sometimes, I thought so outside it that people thought I was in another box completely.  But, I knew what I was thinking and how it was pertinent.  Was I always right?  No, not in the least; however, when I first picked Jessica Alba as my number 1 favorite actress and person for so many years, I was often thought to be nuts.  It came out when I was teaching the special needs children in 6th-12th grades and they didn’t think I was nuts.  In fact, they cheered me (well, the boys did).  I was willing to say something that was a bit personal and let them know about it.  They love that stuff.  It gives them drive and helps them to work for me.  And, it was the truth.

I have followed Jessica Alba since she was playing in “Dark Angel”.  I thought she was gorgeous (I was right) and I thought she was more than just that beautiful face and stunning body (I was right there, too).

Now, so many years later, married and with a child (just one, I think), Jessica has become CEO of The Honest Company.  She founded it because she had a vision based on the fact that children were getting blasted by too many unhealthy things in food and clothing and such.  She created this company and, if I am reading correctly, they have increased sales about 600% or more in a little over a year.  As of 2014 the company sales was $1.7 Billion dollars.  Now, I would call that successful and smart.  And, she is dealing with the dumber sex, men (that’s an opinion of mine that is held by many people).  Not all men, mind you, but I think so many have these preconceived notions about women and about life and even about other men that just makes them downright idiotic.  You keep your own ideas.  In fact, feel free to express yourself in the comments below.

What I know is that I still think Jessica Alba is one of the (if not the) most beautiful women in the world, sexy as heck, and sweet as honey.  I read somewhere that she often was thought of as the motherly type for bringing hot soup to sick people on the set, or other items like that.  That really endeared her to me.  I don’t know the guy she is married to, but he is a lucky fellow.

Read a very good condensation of the article here -> Lone Wolf

Wiki is here:  Jessica Alba and The Honest Company

As always, you people are special to me.  I truly want to hear what you think.



Looking Back, Looking Forward

I read a post by James Radcliffe about “As I Get Older“.  It has been highlighted should you wish to read the original.  I decided, being 57 instead of 37, there might be a different slant on the post should I write one similar.  So, here it is…

I am happy with my life.  There are problems, to be sure.  The list is (not totally finished, but for the most part):

  1.  I suffer from Diabetes.
  2. I have bad arthritis in my right hip (left one is replaced).
  3. My feet are somewhat numb, are somewhat in pain, and swollen much of the time.
  4. I am disabled and can no longer work for a living.
  5. My Dad had a stroke and is suffering from the loss of a kidney.
  6. I had a major hemorrhagic stroke in May 2010.
  7. I am divorced twice.
  8. I am out of shape.
  9. I have double-vision.
  10. My memory is spotty at times.

There are the top ten, anyway.  So, I do have reason to be cynical, suffering, nasty, angry, and whatever else many people would feel in my spot.  But, as I said earlier:  I am happy with my life.

I don’t know just how many reasons there are for this, so I will just write and see – let’s travel that road together.

#1  I have worked many different jobs in the course of my 29 years of working.

I have done major working as a Security Officer, a Computer Technician, a Computer Programmer, a Computer Systems Manager, and a Teacher.  I have also worked as a Newspaper Routeman, a Substitute Teacher, a Janitorial Person, a Restaurant Server, and a Restaurant Assistant Manager.  Plus, there have been the odd jobs as a Salesman, Babysitter (high school), and several others I cannot think of at the moment.

Through all of these, there were times I hated and times I loved.  However, in all of them, I found a decent amount of pride and joy to know I had the capabilities to be hired to do them and I did them as best I could.  This has been a wealth of information to draw on when talking to people and trying to help my students.

#2  I have been many places.

I sang in high school and did so quite well. Now, my singing performances are restricted to the shower and an empty car with the radio in the background.  But, because of this, I went to All-State Choir, I sang at choral contests, and I even ran a small (4 people) group who sang in churches a few times.  The biggest single thing I did was to go with Varner Chance and the “Sounds of Hope” choir/orchestra to about 18 countries in one month and sing there.  Again, all of this has given me volumes of material to use to help people with and to focus on when I am down.

#3  I have learned to be alone.

Being divorced twice is not a record and it is not necessarily something to be proud of.  However, it has given me two opportunities:  First, I have gotten to “start over” several times.  This has allowed me to be able to learn from previous mistakes and try again.  Difficult?  Yes!  But, I am now doing okay with my life and myself.  The same can be said for all the jobs I have had.  They allowed me to start over.  The biggest thing I have learned (and it took all 57 years) is I am fine by myself.  I can live, function, and enjoy life as a single person, one who is not even dating.  I would enjoy dating again, perhaps even marrying again, but, for now, I am fine.

#4  I can cook and clean.

This sounds a bit trite, but with all the things going on in my life so far, I do count decent cooking, cleaning, and following recipes as something of importance.  I know many men who, because they are single, have to go out to eat, order take out, or find someone to date who can cook.  I can take care of myself.

#5  I have a widespread education.

My formal education comes from the fact I have an BA in English with minors in Religion and Psychology, An MA in English, and advanced certification in Elementary Teaching and Special Education Teaching.  My daughter tells me I have nearly as many hours in education as she does for her PhD.  Again, this spread has given me many different viewpoints and, when coupled with the wide range of reading I have done, I can help people more and more from many areas of life.

#6  I have two wonderful children.

My greatest accomplishment has been to raise two children of whom I am very proud.  Divorce (especially two) can often cause major setbacks in children’s lives; however, my children have turned out wonderfully.  My daughter is married, lives in a nice home, and is a practicing Psychologist with a PhD.  My son is out in Oregon and making excellent money as a Computer Consultant with is both well-liked and much wanted by his community.  There is nothing that compares to being able to say this and stand up tall and proud because:  they both love me very much.

Okay, 6 instead of 5.  They are different reasons, however, I imagine James Radcliffe will alter his choices just a bit in 20 years.  Perhaps not, we shall see.  In my case, I am comfortable with life and, because of my previous stroke and my beliefs, I am comfortable with death (though I hope he stays away for a long time yet!).



Friday Fictioneers – “Khnum Drum” – humor – PG13

Rochelle hosts Friday Fictioneers.  100(+/-) word stories based on prompt (pic below).  Read mine below and others —> HERE <  Enjoy!

Source: PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Adam Ickes

Khnum Drum*

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 Words

Jordan had never been so successful in his business. He had been a shepherd of a huge flock of sheep and rams until the pox came down and nearly wiped him out. Now, this new group had come into town and all they had requested was that he bleach all the heads of the rams so they were clean and they had given him enough money to retire.

His burning question now was: what were they going to do with all those heads?

The deep throbbing beat could be heard in the distance and the sky color darkened.

Oh My!

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khnum





A Change Visits Me and Reminds Me

source: Flickr (free to use)

This will be a fairly short post tonight.  For those of you expecting and looking forward to another part of the Carolyn adventure, I apologize.  I am not very sick; the antibiotics have done their work.  I am still a bit congested and on the coughing side, but, otherwise, I am good to go.

No, the problem this time came with a small shock that I received on Facebook last night.  I was playing Words with Friends and I received a private message from a teacher I used to work with.  She wanted me to know that one of the students I had in class passed away.  Now, for those of you who have not followed me from the start, I need to tell you a couple of things:  First, I taught a rough bunch.  They were the problem children of the school systems; many were bussed in from other schools.  Most of them swore, many stole, many had had previous problems with the law.  They were, without a doubt, very difficult to manage on good days.  Second, I love each and every one of them.  I liked all but a couple, and I tried to like those.  Third, we had a connection that was very close in many cases.  I made it a point to work hard with the most difficult ones.  This student was one of those.  He was very likeable, just had many issues and problems.

His passing caught me way off-guard.  You have those ideals in mind when you have your own children that they should outlive you.  You should not have to bury your children.  These were much younger than my children.  And, in case of point, they were my children, at least, for awhile.  I met with their guardians; I discussed lessons with them; I helped them to achieve things, some of which they did not think they could do.  In short, I had invested much time and effort in each one of them.

So, tonight, instead of writing about death and the end of the world, I encourage you to hug your children a little tighter and to make certain you know what’s going on in their lives as well as how their health is.  Above all, make sure you tell them how much you love them.  My children and my students did always know that.  No regrets there.



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