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Okay, it’s going to have to be a short post tonight. I have hit a wall.

Tonight, my daughter came over, we had pizza and watched 2 movies. The second movie was called “Trust” and stars Clive Owens. I am having trouble processing the movie.

It concerns a 14 year old who meets a sexual predator on the net and ends up meeting with him. The movie is about the different relationships and dealings of the Mother, Father, and the daughter before, during, and after. It was rough material and I just am having difficulty with it.

It was very serious and something I am glad I didn’t watch alone. My daughter is the Dr. (PhD) counselor and she said it was a hard one.

I am currently reading Buckwheatsrisk’s online book about abuse and recovery. I was so able to put myself more into her shoes and feel the horribleness of what I now know she went through.

Anyway, the movie wore me out, so I can’t do a full post tonight and nothing light-hearted is going to work.

So, I will drop a clip here of the movie and just ask that your comments flow as normal. You are such good people and I always feel better after you talk.



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