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What a Kid / What a Guy!

His name is Zach Sobiech and he left this world on May 20, 2013.  His death from cancer was a harsh reality, but the life he lived and the people he influenced are amazing.

One of the things I try to do in a post is make you think.  One of the things I try to not do is waste your time.  This video is a little over 22 minutes.  It is a heart-warming 22 minutes; it is a sad 22 minutes; but, above all, it is a 22 minutes that will not be wasted if you watch it.  I admit that I cry; it’s good for you to cry; this video, then, was good for me.

My life is such that I know I won’t be around forever and it is never a good time to leave.  But, I am getting to the point, at least, that I have been open and honest enough that people know how I feel and know that I love them.  Each of you out there needs to know that I love you all.

In the video, Zach keeps talking about his song, “Clouds”.  I found it on YouTube:




Spring is finally here – for Me, It has Come in like a Lion!

I saw a flower in my yard today!  So, I decided that, officially, meant spring is here.  I dutifully got my camera, went out, and captured some of the nicer things.  When I finished, I listened and heard a loud windy noise.  There is a storm brewing!  It may pass me; it has so far but for sprinkles, but I did catch several pics of that as well.

The “Lion” part for me was coming back inside.  I was boiling spaghetti to make baked spaghetti in the oven.  The spaghetti was almost done, so I turned on the oven.  With a bright light, the oven element burned out and blew my fuses for both the oven and the stove.  I finished the spaghetti in the microwave and ate it as is.  It was fine; my oven isn’t.  Making plans to use Mom and Dad’s Nu-Wave oven for now and looking at how to replace it soon.

Click on a pic to start the slideshow.  There are two slideshows.  One for the flowers and one for the storm.

Enjoy the pics!




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