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Comcast – All Sales, No Help?

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I have never quite had the above feelings about Comcast – however, I have come close.  For a long time, I have hollered and screamed and yelled to others about how poorly Comcast handles problems.  For a time, rather recently, that was not the case.  I finally had service when I needed it and someone seemed to be listening when I called.  Of course, I had a package and was willing to purchase another package.  Just fix me.

In the very recent past, I was working on my sister’s computer at her home.  She made the comment of how much her Comcast bill was.  I listened and had her read off what she had with them.  After she did, I asked her if she had any special stations or anything out of the ordinary.  When she didn’t know, I told her what my cable cost and (after she stood back up from fainting) I had her call Comcast and tell them she was going to disconnect services.  This, of course, put her in touch with the package part of the company.  She received a new package, saving her between $20-75 a month.  They had her hooked up to all kinds of extra stations she never watched and didn’t want to watch.  Now, she had basic cable, phone, and Internet.  She’s happy, and Comcast still has her as a customer.

Comcast – All Sales, No Help?

This article didn’t really surprise me.  However, what it did do was open my eyes to a problem that is more extensive than I thought.  We have to stand up and demand service on something we already have?!  Now, if we have a problem, instead of fixing it we have to listen to pitches about upgrading or adding extras to our service?!  This is ridiculous.

I encourage you to listen to the link for the particular sales call mentioned in the article.  It should work.  And, it will amaze you.  I have argued with them before and felt as if I was running in circles.  You have to push and you should be willing to renegotiate.  Simply have your needs on a card and never vary from them without good reason and a great price.

Sales – glad I am disabled…isn’t that a sad state of affairs?




Hanging on by a Thread, I mean a Cable

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I decided to do a simple little post tonight about your TV/Movie habits. I have finally gotten my $ stuff down to a science, at least on TV matters, so I thought I would pass them on.

Let’s see where you are:

Last time I only got 2 votes on my poll. That would not bode well with this one either. However, I can still let you know what I used to do and what I do now.

Time was when I would have cable TV and a couple of the premium channels running on my set. Now, that was a reasonable cost then (about $40), but, then again, you were very limited in today’s terms as to what you could watch.   You had your regular stations, then the 14 and up stations (usually to about 60) and your premium channels.

Satellite TV has offered so many stations and options to the regular person that I am not sure how you actually choose what to watch. I mean, you can’t really surf 300+ stations and find something to watch that isn’t almost over when you find it.

Cable TV has been my choice of evils, not because it is so much better, but the weather seldom bothers it at all and I didn’t really want to change my Internet provider. I have 5 ways of watching shows right now:

1)      Hulu – hulu is a computer-based station that gives the ability to watch a lot of regular shows for free on your computer. I watch Arrow, Revolution, and Grimm. You normally have to watch them 24 hours after they air on regular stations. Hulu is free (Hulu-plus isn’t).

2)      Roku – By far the best money I have spent on any of this. A roku box is very small and attaches to your TV. Then it picks up on your Wi-Fi and brings most of the computer channels to your set. It also gives a great menu and search program. Roku is a one-time cost of about $50.

3)      Amazon Prime – Amazon prime saves me the most for my money. It costs $99 a year and you get several things. Here are the big two for me. First, if I buy an item on Amazon that is listed as a Prime item, I get two-day shipping for free. That’s $3.99 per item saved. Adds up quick. Second, there is a list of streaming movies you can watch for free if you own Prime. Decent films and they get new ones each month.  There is also a borrowing method for Kindle if you have prime.

4)      Net-Flix is a rental service for renting DVDs and Blu-ray movies.   Thousands of movies sent to your computer or to your TV (through your Roku box).

5)      On-Demand. This is through my cable service (Comcast). It is a large collection of movies, shows, documentaries, etc…that can be watched mostly all free.

What I think is the cheapest/best way for someone is to buy cable and a roku box. Then you have hulu, and all the roku items. Past that is up to you, My combo above has never left me with nothing to watch.

So what do you think? Are we too preoccupied with our shows and movies or is this now an integrated part of our lives and simply needs a little adjusting?

Let me know.



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