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Where have all the People Gone?

A week or two ago, maybe a bit longer, I posted my coming out to BDSM: > HERE < .

I spent quite a bit of time beforehand worrying, contemplating, tossing ideas, and talking-to-self before writing and hitting that “publish” button.  Now, from 9-7 to 10-1, I have received a few views and far few comments.  Also, all the comments have been good.  I just keep asking myself: Scott, you published this on WordPress, which showed it on FB, Twitters, LinkedIn, and Google.  You have referred to it numerous times and still…?

Now, today, on FB, I saw a friend whom I haven’t visited in quite awhile.  I remembered I have messaged her a few times since Sept 7 and never heard back.  It finally began to sink in.  People who know me are embarrassed, uncertain, scared, nervous, angry (choose whichever you think applies, maybe all), or something else and simply are not speaking to me or being very general as if it never happened.

Your imagination, you say?  Perhaps, but it begins to make sense then.  I have well over 569 friends on FB, 734 connections on LinkedIn, who knows on Twitter / Google…That’s over 1300 people (I know, some overlap) who have, at least, seen the title.  I didn’t expect all of them to be happy (so far, all of you on WP have been, Thanks- you are the best).  I really didn’t.  I expected some unfriending to occur on FB and a few snide comments (or paragraphs) from a few on FB and Twitter.  But, none of that, seems…weird.  I should be happy, but it just seems too strange to just go “oh, the world is a different place and everyone is okay…”  Right?

Anyway, just a short rant.  Let’s go back to saving animals and filming babies.




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