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No Hair?! Hm, Big Deal?

I was looking through my emails.  I receive about 50-150 a day and, honestly, usually less than 20 need to be read, and the number doesn’t even include the spam folder which I look at, but, usually, just delete.

Well, I go by the title of the email and who it is from before deciding if I even need to look before my virtual trash overflows.  Today, while going through the usual mess, I saw the title “Can you Survive Massive Hair Loss?”  I thought about my last look in the mirror of the nearly empty brain case I have up top (hair, that is, not brains) and decided, “Yep, I can live through that.”

It seemed funny, then it started to get me thinking.  There are a lot of people who really can’t handle massive hair loss.  There are men, women, and children who, whether it’s Cancer or some other condition, don’t have their hair.  I remembered, back in high school and college (even now, I guess) how much I really loved seeing young women and adult women with long, beautifully flowing hair, especially dark.  Social training, I am sure, but still what feels good feels good.  So, I pictured a world with no hair.  The result?  I realized I would still love women; the hair or lack of it wouldn’t stop that.  I realized I would still talk to women; I would still open doors for them (yeah, I am one of those), and I would still read their blogs.  I imagined, if there were no hair, women would, most likely, start painting their heads, and tattoos would become the rage.  I knew scarves and hats and wraps and caps would all be much more available and higher priced (naturally).  In fact, I imagine, after a time when wigs were out…bald would be the new long tress.  We are a funny, fickle world, one who listens too much to commercials and how badly companies want us to believe the hype.

I live in a beautiful world, hair or not.  So, bring on the bald, baby, I can survive “MASSIVE” hair loss.


Love you all,



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