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What’s in a Word?

I was having a difficult time today.  I really could not decide what to blog about.  I have a list of about 7 different topics and none of them sounded just right.

I was going through my email tonight and saw “baby conservation”.  I thought, “conservation?  What the heck?”  I decided to click on it and, as I did, I saw my dyslexic thought – “baby conVERSATION!” Oh, now it makes sense!

See? What’s in a word?  A whole lot depending on the word.  I have more problems since the stroke.  I am guessing that my brain has to do just a bit more sorting at times in order to read.  I doubt if the patch helps matters any.  I find myself, frequently, turning something like “the red turnip” into “the read turnip”.  That one makes no sense, so my brain says, “Whoa!” and I retry it.  But, “Baby Conservation” made sense on some dumb video level, so it almost stuck.

Reading the posts I follow can get very interesting inside my head.  I have to go back frequently and look at something because I “know they would not have said that.”  Sure enough, I switched something.  It doesn’t happen so often that it causes me more than a few mild issues in a few days’ time.  It’s not frequent at all, but it can be overwhelmingly funny and I wish I had written them down for you.  Oh well, perhaps an oven day (yeah, that’s what I mean!).

Back to the clip.  This baby has her own language and is, apparently, very fluent.  She reminds me of Robert De Niro in “Cape Fear” when he was speaking in tongues near the end of the film.  It was a little spooky when I thought of that, but she won me over in the end.  It’s less than 2 minutes, please enjoy.

When I was getting that one from YouTube, I found this one which makes me really wonder who are the smart ones: us or them?



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