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Game of Drones

My nightly (well, almost) reading schedule is about 30-45 minutes after I take my night meds.  During this time, I get into bed and read until lights out (hopefully just long enough before that I actually get to turn the lights out and put my book away).  When I am out, I read my Kindle; when I am in bed, I read an actual printed-on-paper, have-to-bookmark-with-paper book.

A few weeks ago, I finished reading “Port Mortuary” a Kay Scarpetta novel by Patricia Cornwell, one of my favs.  I love the forensic items, which is probably why I like JmmcDowell’s stories and books so much (look at some —>  here  <—.  Which reminds me, I did a google search on Meghan Bode, interesting finds for a character!

But, back to business.  “Port Mortuary” mentioned drones in its story.  The type of drones it spoke of kinda interested me, enough to send myself an email to use it as a post someday.  However, what brought it to the top was that I found, through an entirely different method, a YouTube video on the drones.  This caused me to cry out mention say in my head “Eureka!” and decided to do the post.

I would like you to picture a scene:  a group of foreign scientists pouring over the details of a new type of atomic bomb.  One of the scientists smacks at the back of his head to kill a mosquito.  A few hours later, he dies (scientist, not the mosquito – keep up!).  Toxicology checks don’t come up with foul play.  As he was the head scientist, the project falls behind and takes months longer.  In the meantime, the United States comes up with a new type of defense against a “possible” future atomic threat.

Sound weird (cue strange music)?  Good for us?  Yep.  The way this could happen is through the use of drone robots the size of mosquitoes.  Yep, that’s right, small little buggers.  Here there would be two types:  the first would be ones with small digital cameras to either store or send pictures of the project to us.  The second would be a drone whose purpose was to “sting” that particular scientist and inject a nanobot which can replicate itself and deliver a very tiny amount of a substance – testosterone, for example – which when created by millions of nanobots could conceivably kill a person.

All fine and good for the up-and-coming-scyfy movie (Do you like the newest spelling of ScyFy?).  However, it can get darker.  There are some articles which talk about the President (doesn’t matter who.  I doubt it would stop due to an election) using these small drones to spy and or remove any specific United States citizen who was in the way.

Now, I am not saying this is happening.  What I am talking about are articles which talk about this as, perhaps, more than a possibility.  Just another thought tossed at us for consideration.

What I ask you to think about is the idea that either of these scenarios could be true.  If they are, we would need to consider that the other scenario could be, too.  It comes across as sounding like a near-impossible assassination to detect.  Or, simply enough, a way to take invasion of privacy to a whole new level.  Can you imagine what some people out there could do, average people, if the cost of a drone dropped into the hundreds of dollars for surveillance?  Your average private detective could have a couple of them to see things that might be better left unseen.  And, if the camera ones become useable whose to say what little smart thing a good enough hacker/private chemist might do with a few of them.

Okay, that’s one of my newest paranoias, scares, theories, ideas on what could be happening while we sleep “safely”.  Below are a few of the foundations for this idea.  Look them over.

Are you into big government coverup?

How about just big scary paranoid ideas?

Article on drones watching us

Snopes says there is some truth to it all






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