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Again?! I am still Pis*ed!

Audrie Pott

We get to add up another death by suicide of a young teen who was sexually assaulted and cyber bullied.  Audrie Pott took her life recently.  I don’t know every detail.  I don’t need to know every detail.  What I do know is that three young men sexually assaulted her and then, for about seven days, she was cyber bullied her until she broke and committed suicide.

It has not been that long since I reported through a post on this blog about Amanda Todd and her suicide due to someone who bullied her on the Internet even after she changed schools.  This just hits me so hard and deep and it is wrong and needs to be stopped.

I don’t know how this works, but my feeling is that, somehow, since it was suicide, these men (boys) are getting away with this as not being murder.  The Pott family is filing a wrongful death suit against these three men.  I, for one, hope that they prove what needs to be proved to tag the culprits with the wrongful death.  I hope they do jail time and have to pay fines and have to register as sex offenders forever.  Sound harsh?  Two young women in two instances of this are dead.  To my knowledge, no one has had to pay for Amanda’s death even though I understand it is known who bullied her.

I am sorry to go off so badly.  I was watching the Boston bombing coverage, which was bad enough, and I saw this one on Audrie Pott.  I need to stop now.  I am not handling all this very well.



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