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A Diet and a Date

This is my new Friday posts instead of doing Flash Friday.  I hope you enjoy!!!

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Well, these last couple of weeks have been both adventuresome and rough.  I would like to discuss two major items in my life during this period.

First, I have been reading the book “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes.”  Now, I normally read these with a grain of salt and I did so this time.  However, this book agreed with most all of the research I have already done on the subject, it drew information from other studies done at valued institutions, and it made sense.  I also liked that it really went into some good detail on exactly what happens when I eat different foods (or don’t).  It played down exercise (not because he didn’t find it beneficial, but because the book was about diet).  So, I finally got to read a book that met most of my requirements.

The very basic (please don’t judge the book from this summary) was that a great diet for reversing diabetes is a vegan diet that includes:

1)  No animal products whatsoever (no cheese, meat, milk, animal fat, etc…)

2)  No oils (very minimal)

3)  Focus on low GI index foods (foods that raise the blood sugar level slowly – under 70, I believe)

This put a terrible constraint on my eating habits, but I have to say that, three days into it, I feel pretty good.  Results so far:

1)  My blood sugar is normal (90-100 most of the time)

2)  My blood pressure is normal (120/58)

3)  My weight is slowly moving down (supposed to do about 1 pound a week)

There is a lot to the book, so, if you are thinking about doing this, please read the book!  I could not believe how many of the foods I thought were good for me have animal products in them.  I had to empty (nearly) my cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer.  However, what is in there now is, without a doubt, good for me.

The choices are not as bad as I thought and, in about three months, I should see a very noticeable difference in my blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight.  The idea is to be able to stop taking (or, at least, reduce) many of my medications.  The final hope is that my neuropathy will disappear, my blood pressure will be normal, my blood sugar will be normal, and my cholesterol will be normal, all without any or at least less medications.  Also, at 1 pound a week, I should lose about 12-15 pounds in the three months and it should not come back.

It all sounds good to me, especially since I ate out tonight and had a decent meal.  The meal consisted of:

1)  A cup of long grain rice

2)  A serving of corn

3)  A serving of steamed zucchini and squash

4)  2 slices of plain rye toast

5)  A banana for dessert (I brought this)

I was full and it cost within pennies of what I normally paid.  I also felt good after eating it.  Somehow I feel a bit refreshed (for lack of a better word) all day as far as food is concerned.

I eat a lot of Post Grapenuts and Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (both with unsweetened Almond Milk) with blueberries or sliced strawberries.  I like both of those.  I love rye bread and enjoy eating both fruits and vegetables.

I notice that my sugar does not go as high and it drops reasonably quickly.  Hypoglycemia is the only big worry I have.  A big sugar drop at night can make me dizzy.  I eat a snack shortly before bed.  I don’t sleep right now anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

Down the road, I hope that it helps my knee and hip so I can exercise (walking) and that the reduced weight will make it all easier.


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This second one is simply strange.  I will tell you the basics and let you think about the story.

I went to a nearby town a little over a week ago.  While there, I went to the public library to do some reading.  I sat down next to a woman.  It was the day of the big storm in my area.  When the storm began, she and I started talking for a bit.  We went back to reading our books.  Later she began a conversation with me.  At the end, I asked her to meet for coffee.  She agreed.  We talked some more and decided dinner and a movie would be fine.  I was to pick her up on Saturday (last).  She gave me her cell phone number and email.

We emailed the next day and she sent me her address.  We settled on a time and place as well as which restaurant.

On Saturday, about 1pm, I checked my email and saw she had written me a letter.  In it she said that she was visiting her brother who was fairly near the theater and would I rather we simply met there.  I wrote back saying I would enjoy picking her up and talking, but if she wished to meet it was fine.  I then told her that I would check my email at 2 before I left and if she hadn’t written I would pick her up at her home.

About 2:10, I checked my email, had none from her, so I left for her home (about 40 min away).  My GPS guided me right to her driveway.  I knocked, but no one answered.  After some time, I left a paperback I had found for her on her door and headed to the theater in case things had gotten mixed up.

I arrived at the theater about 10 minutes before the show.  She was not there.  I waited until about 20 minutes after the show began, then headed home.

Since that time, I had emailed her once, texted twice, and called twice.  I have never received an answer back.

I have decided that either something bad has happened or her brother talked her out of coming on the date.  There is nothing else I can do, so I have decided to let it go (though I would like to know).

Anyway, for this, I simply wonder if you have ever had any strange things like this on a date (or a scheduled one)?  How did you feel and what did you do?

Enjoy your weekend.



Doll Story – Part, well, three, not quite the end.


I will apologize here in advance.  What started as a three-part story became four parts.  The reason was length.  I gave you about 800-900 words in each of the first two parts.  The last part became almost 2000 by itself.  I decided to split that one too.  Just letting you know.  Sorry. 🙂
* * *

“He blew me off!”  Janet sizzled as she threw her teddy bear across the room.  She immediately regretted it, but could not leave the bed to retrieve the animal until her tears stopped boiling down her cheeks.  After a bit she sniffed and sighed, going after her beloved bear.  She hugged it, apologizing to the stuffed keepsake.  She felt she should have known it would happen.  The date was made with one of the “bad” boys, Joey.  He had never been arrested or anything like that.  Lord, her father would have flipped then!  No, not arrested, but he had been thought to have stolen several times from various places.  Not proved, mind you, just thought.  She sniffed again, the memory of being asked out still fresh in her mind.  When Joey had asked her to go to eat and then a movie, she was beyond stunned.  She had not even thought he knew who she was.  Now, she realized that it was more of a joke at her expense.  She had hoped this time would be different.  But, no, she was left once again.

She looked in the mirror at the dimples, the long dark hair, and the sad blue eyes.

“Should a known,” was all she could think.

She began to cry again, and then stopped herself.

“I’m going shopping!  That’ll help.”  In her mind, she knew it would not hurt.

Her father did not even look up from his paper when she told her Mom that her date had fallen through and she wanted to go shopping.  Her mother took Janet’s face in her hands, kissed her nose, and told her to be careful and be home early.  Janet walked out with more confidence than she truly had.  She still wanted to cry, but hoped that she would not do that if she were out in public.

Janet wandered into the small town and went into the local diner for a burger and drink.  After that, she stopped in at a couple of the dress stores, talked to the owners, and left.  She had not forgotten about the date, but she did feel much better out in the air and around people.

As she walked the sidewalks in the late afternoon sun, she saw the lights coming from the park where the flea market was set up.  She had forgotten about it with all the thinking about her date.  She picked up her pace and arrived within minutes.

There were, actually, several tents and she entered the first one.  It was mostly tools and furniture, not what she wanted to browse.  The next one contained clothes and books, but they were out of date for her to wear to school and the books were older, not what she liked to read.

“Nothing here about glittering vampires and sexy werewolves,” she thought smiling.  She did see a copy of “Pride and Prejudice” that was both low-priced and in good shape.  She picked it up and leafed through the pages.  “Those were the days,” her heart spoke instead of her head.  “Men treated women like women and showed up when they said they would.”  She knew, deep down, she was treated much better today, but it made her feel better to think ill of the present, especially the males.

The third tent drew her up short.  It was filled with all types of things.  She saw watches and knives, tricycles and box games.  In the far corner she saw the dolls and knew she was where she needed to be to forget it all for a while.  She picked up a longhaired doll dressed like Snow White and stroked its hair.  She noticed the older man in the corner who seemed to be watching her a little closer than she thought necessary.

“He probably thinks I’m a thief,” she mused silently.  She had never stolen anything in her life and probably never would.  She knew she would never be able to keep silent about it.  “I would get caught because I would return it,” she said to herself.  The man seemed to hear her thoughts and turned to focus on a mother and her two young boys who had just walked up.  Janet continued looking at the dolls.


Okay, again, I apologize.  I just started writing and, well you know how it gets.  Anyway, the story has been finished, so I will post the ending tomorrow.  I liked it and thought that, perhaps, someday, I would truss it up and send it to a publisher.  Being a blog reprint is not quite the same as having sold the story, especially if I rewrite parts of it.

Let me know what you think.  You are my best audience!



The Future has to begin Somewhere

I wrote a post last week about going to a group who met through http://www.meetup.com
We, the three of us, went to see “Skyfall”, the new Bond thriller. As I said then, I enjoyed the movie.

From that experience, I received an email from one of the two ladies who attended with me. Tamara told me that she had decided to try blogging, as I had been so excited about it after the movie. She also read a lot of my posts, liked the person she could see in the writing, and posed some interest to meet again.

After a couple of emails, we decided to meet last Tuesday evening at the Cracker Barrel restaurant about ½ way between her work and my home for supper. I spent the day happy and trying to get everything done.

It was my reflexology date (which went well) and my cleaning person came to work on the house. All was finished up before 4pm and I began to get ready. I left the house with a little over 45 minutes to make the trip (decent time) and, again, looked for traffic on the other side of the way.

AGAIN, within 4 miles of the restaurant and on time, traffic stopped. This time, I found out later, the problem was what passed for “normal” evening work traffic on this 4-6 miles stretch of Interstate as you came into Indianapolis. Traffic was slow enough that I could stop and text a couple of words, telling Tamara I would be in “traffic 20min” and later “116th street” – about 2 miles.

I arrived about 15 minutes late and we met. She had been amazed as her phone was down to 8% but managed to pick up my texts and let her send hers back. We had a wonderful meal (she showed me she had read my posts by knowing what I wanted to eat). We talked for several hours and found we had a lot in common and enjoyed each other’s company very much. We made plans to go out again soon and parted company about 9pm.

I started home. When I got to the turn for the entrance ramp at I69 and 96th street heading North, the car in front of me put on his backup lights. I pulled more to the right side of the lane. Then the car on the ramp began backing up. I was so busy watching the two cars, the cars behind me, and the cars getting ready to pull in from the other direction, that I saw an opportunity to get out of the mess and go around the cars and took it. That’s when I looked up and saw that the reason for all the commotion was that all 4 lanes of traffic were at an almost standstill.

I managed to put out into traffic (the cars / trucks certainly didn’t want to give way – how rude) and get across the other two lanes so that I was in the lane to head on down the Interstate after the 116th street exit (very bad traffic most of the time). I could not figure out exactly what was going on besides it being Indy and things were messed up from construction. Then a police car and a tow truck went down the emergency lane. Now, I knew there had been a wreck ahead. What I didn’t know until 30 minutes later (it took 32 minutes to go the first mile of the two miles of backed up traffic) was that the wreck was in the lane I had worked so hard to get into!

Since traffic was stopped, I sent Tamara a message to let her know what had happened, then managed, at long last, to get past the mess up and head on to home. I decided to stop in Anderson at Wal-Mart for groceries so I didn’t have to go back out the next day and get them.

While I was shopping, I began to get a little dizzy. I knew that meant that I had not eaten correctly. I remembered not eating my bread and jelly at supper. Normally, that wouldn’t be a real problem, but since I took my meds as normal and have been on a supplement that is helping my sugar, it dropped too low. By the halfway mark on groceries, I was in a cold sweat and dizzy. That is not a good sign; it means eat NOW.

I decided that with all that goes on in Wal-Mart anymore, I could take care of the problem, so I opened a package of candy (hush!) and ate a couple of the small pieces. I ended up having to do this several times before getting done and heading home. I did some math in my head and realized that my sugar had, most likely, dropped to about 60 (80 is normal for me in the morning, 115 throughout day), so it wasn’t a surprise then.

I took care of the problem and went to bed. What I have to say is that, even with all the problems and the situations, I enjoyed the time spent so much that I would not have traded it. I trust in God, so I know that there are special times ahead. Time will tell what they are.


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