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The Story of Me – 2012

Loved this Picture!

I wasn’t going to send this out to my blog friends as you have been with me the whole time, but I did realize that many haven’t been, so, for my recent followers (I wish you were Legion 🙂 ) I sent this letter out to my family and friends via email, so I will share it with you.  To those who know all of what is in the letter below, thanks, you are a part of me – I love you all.


PS – if you have any questions or need elaboration on anything, don’t hesitate to ask.  You all should know I am, mostly, an open book, ready to be read or referenced.

To:  All My Friends, Relatives, Loved Ones, and Any Others the Previous Doesn’t Cover

Date: December 14, 2012

Good Day,

It seems to me that I have been writing all year, but the fact remains that I haven’t put together anything that concisely tells what this year has been like for me.  To say that it has been long doesn’t do it justice; what it has been is eventful.

Over Christmas of last year, I began getting a bit concerned about various differences in the way I acted and felt.  There were more pains in some areas, less in others; there were just plain out differences in the way I felt.  In January 2012, I was still a part of the New Castle School Corporation teaching 6th-12th grader in Special Ed at the Alternative School.  This came to a grinding halt in late February.  I had to give in to the pain, the inability to remain fully focused, the fact that my fatigue level was going downhill.  That was one of the most difficult decisions to make.  I had wanted to teach since 7th grade and had just signed my 6th contract.  At long last I was doing what I wanted to do and what I thought God wanted me to do.  It was not the first time I have learned that God always has tremendous things in mind for you, no matter where you are, how you are, or what you think.

I decided to dig in and begin my writing in earnest.  Actually, it was in my house, but in earnest sounds so much better!  I found that for my attention span, ability, and the market, short horror fiction worked best for me.  I have, to date, sold 3 stories.  I know they were supposed to be in print by end of October, but I have found that in the writing market deadlines change a lot.  I have been told again that between the 1st of January and the end of February all three stories should see print.  The contract gives them quite a bit of time to do this, so I am not worried or concerned.  It all works out in the end.

I also, began writing daily in my blog, Kindredspirit23 on WordPress.com.  That small (laugh) undertaking began taking over my world.  It was a good thing.  I made friends, learned how to write better, and started making a name for myself in the world of the Internet.  I can now find myself on Google if I try hard enough.

The blog has been in nearly constant growth since the big start in February 2012.  I have gone from trying to hope I get 10 people to look at my posts every day to expecting at least 50.  My biggest day was 150 and it has moved off the statistics block so I am not even certain exactly what that was! Lol I do know that, as of now, 8:45PM, I have had a total of 11,145 visitors to my blog, comments is very near 3,000, and a grand total of 325 followers (not counting Facebook).  I have had at least one person from each of 103 countries view one of my blogs.  It now takes up several hours a day of my time.  I love it dearly.  I have made countless friends through the writings and have come to care for many of them as dear friends.  I do not know the exact number of blogs I am following right now (that means I get emails telling me when they write something new), but it is enough that I am nearly always behind in my readings.  I know it is way over 50.

On November 9, 2012, my daughter, Aarika became Mrs. Aarika White, when she married Josh White.  They live in Noblesville and I do get to see her on a decently reoccurring basis.  She obtained her Doctorate in Psychology this year, so is actually Dr. White.  She was Dr. Vannatter for a little bit, so I am okay J  I wrote a poem about their marriage and love: https://kindredspirit23.wordpress.com/2012/11/08/from-the-perspective-of-the-father-of-the-bride/

Aaron, my son, still lives and works in Portland, Oregon.  My understanding is that he is a software developer for Websites.  I think my knowledge of computers is falling quickly behind.  I will stick with my writing.

I am working now with a Reflexologist as well as my Family Doctor and a Psychological Stroke Counselor.  I seem to be doing well for someone who died and then decided (with some help) to stick around.  My current problems are several.  I do still have double vision; My fatigue level comes quickly; my left hip is in horrible pain most of the time; I do have some neuropathy in my feet; I am a type-2 diabetic (on meds, no shots); and my memory is good, but not perfect.  The memory problems have made it difficult for me to plan ahead well.  My eye and coordination difficulties make life, um, interesting.  Ie:  I drop and knock over a lot of things.  I do use a cane to walk most of the time.

I do sell books, tapes, and CDs on Amazon – the vast majority of the sales are for the Middletown Public Library.  It is charity work that I really enjoy doing and it does seem to make a difference.

My driving has improved.  I do now drive at night.  I prefer it be clear.  My purchase of a GPS has helped so much in allowing me to expand where I drive.  So far, Aarika’s wedding (Plainfield) has been the farthest I have driven away from home, but I do intend to expand that in the spring.

I have joined a group called Meetup (www.meetup.com) who have different groups who go to different places all the time for various activities.  I have a card gathering at my home, go to eat out, do watch some movies, and, in general, keep busy and have fun.  At home, I play Words with Friends on Facebook, watch movies, work on the computer, and tolerate my cat, Tamika (she tolerates me as well).  I do have someone who comes to the house once a week and cleans for me.

I think I have rambled enough.  This was to catch you up on me, so I didn’t go into details about the rest of the family.  Here are the best ways to keep up with me:

https://kindredspirit23.wordpress.com – my blog, I write daily.  Comment/Follow

bookman23@comcast.net – My main email.  Drop me a note.  I will try hard to respond.

Thank you all.  You are each part of the reason I am succeeding in life.  I love having all of you in mine, so I need to stick around.

God Bless,


The Daughter of the Father

Wedding Day is done! They survived; I survived/ I am dead tired and may not recoup for several days, but it was all worth it.

The weather was beautiful; the winery was gorgeous; everyone behaved.

Below is a clip (about 9 min) of the biggest part of the ceremony.

I added in a pic or two. I hope you all know how proud I am of my daughter for all the planning, but also I am very proud to have a son-in-law that I should never have to worry about. He loves her totally.

They got married on their 10th anniversary of dating. They have been through a lot already and are tougher for it.

Thanks to an anti-inflammatory injection/procedure, I was able to walk my daughter down the aisle and dance with her once.

Daddy is proud.

From the Perspective of the Father of the Bride

From the Perspective of the Father of the Bride
By Scott L Vannatter
November 5, 2012

9-11 now 11-9
The first an epic emergency
This an epic event
My mind and heart are at odds

It’s been well over a decade
The time passed so quickly yet so slow
You went from being that little longhaired beauty
To the wonderful woman you are now

Seems like yesterday, I was explaining all
Questions about boys had not yet begun
Little did I know then
I wouldn’t be around for those puzzlers

Things have changed; they always do
You have grown tall and brilliant
A doctor, the first?, with my name
Though that will change in a few days

I have changed too
Now, I have a companion
Made of wood and it stays with me
Not a marriage, but a union nonetheless

I struggle now; we both do
I with my memory fractured and
You with the struggles of a home
Something you take on happily

He’s a good one, this Josh
There for you through thick and thin
Yet, has time for this old one
When I have problems in his arena

You focus as two but will be fastened
Not a knot but a bow
Something on a gift not a noose
One I hope is yours forever

My part is small; it was larger before
You two met
Now, as one you face the future
And, for once, I see brightness

I find myself in a quandary
Caught between two tastes
The bitterness of separation
And the joy and sweetness of love

Yours is a vow, a promise, a hope
Filled with joy, though sorrows will
Poke their heads in from time to time
See them as reminders not permanent tenants

Bring forth your lives
Started as two, now joined as one
Know that the father believes
The love to be true

Love you, Daughter


Philosophy is all about being curious, asking basic questions. And it can be fun!

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