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Indiana Wants Me – Lord, I Can’t Go Back There…

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Not trying to be political here, though I keep finding myself doing this…

I said I would simply wait, not judge the new Indiana religious reform statute (or whatever you call it), and simply see what others do.  I have been told people are misreading and misunderstanding the statute.  I am finding this more and more hard to believe when nearly everyone (who gives a care) is reading it the same way.  Now, people and businesses ARE pulling out of Indiana.  I would sincerely like to have a state left to live in AND HAVE NEIGHBORS!  Not swinging right or left, but I have been doing my research and it does seem that, while I don’t fully understand the statute, it IS NOT the same as the other 20 states; it does have a bit of a wording difference that is making all the difference.  You know, just because I don’t argue with you and just because I get confused sometimes, does NOT mean I am wrong!

Anyway, here is the latest I have read:




The Color of Life is … Clear … to me

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I would, normally, be doing either a Friday Fictioneers or a Five Sentence Fiction selection tonight.   I am going to save those for the next few nights.  Something bothered me today and I want to show it to you after I rant a bit.  Color has lately become more of an issue in my life.  Not what I will wear tomorrow or what to paint my bathroom, but a more basic color problem.  It’s one that has set itself deep into the lives of most of us in the United States.  First,  it was black, then yellow, and lately it has been more of a southerly color.  The news has always been filled with it.  The news loves it because rough, dirty, horrible news sells so much better than happy, fluffy stuff.  The news has been biased since the beginning and still is.  The bias may change a bit depending on the paper, and, in fact, may switch sides entirely, however, it’s there – one side or the other.

I am, of course, referring to racism.  Let’s get some things straight, first.  I don’t care what color a person’s skin is.  It doesn’t matter much to me where you came from; I am more interested in who you are and where you are going.  I wasn’t always quite that way.  When I was young, perhaps eighth grade, I tried out for cross country.  During one race, I was standing in the crowd of runners at the line and the person next to me was black.  I remember looking at him and saying, “I am going to beat you.”  Now, of course, with the way I ran, that was never going to happen (and didn’t), but what has bothered me to this day so much was the reason I said that to him was simply that he was not the same color skin that I was.  As time has passed, I have left over 99.9% of all that behind me.  I would say 100%, but I think the roots you grow up with never entirely leave you, whether you like it or not.  But I am very happy with where I am now.  It others who bother me.

I am not going into names or anything here; that’s my issue not yours.  I am certain that you know people who are exactly like who I am talking about.  Here’s the thing:  I also see it coming from the other sides.  I know that many people of other skin colors have stereotyped those of us who are white.  I didn’t choose the color of my skin any more than all those other people.  So why does it have be to bad to be white, or black, or yellow, or purple for that matter?  Yes, this is me ranting.

What I wish for all of you is the wonderful feeling that I get inside when I realize that people are people.  Cultures are different and those don’t always mix well, but that is an entirely different matter.  If two people meet and decide to date (or marry or be friends) the skin color should be the last thing that decides whether or not it happens.

I know I am going to have people holler here; I know some will not like what I have said.  To this, I say:

You have a right to your opinion.  But harassment, ridicule, and racism are wrong!  People are people and none of us should have to fear retribution simply because of our skin color.

Oh – and just to put something out there:  not being white DOES NOT mean that person is not an American.

Okay, I will leave you with this clip – very well worth it – of the final reason this post exists:



“Battle Royale”

I watched a movie the other day (I have discovered “Amazon” direct renting! Wow.) entitled “Battle Royale”.It reminded me of “Hunger Games” (Awesome Movie) and bothered me a bit for the same reason. Both movies take a group of children and pit them against each other to the death until one is left.

Not a new idea, but with children, it is different. Anyway, the children don’t want to fight each other, for the most part. However, as the movie progresses (Like in “Lord of the Flies”) they learn to and some even become possessed with the idea.

Here’s my thing: The fighting is not for the children’s good; it is for something else – government, freedom (the idea), celebration, prevention, whatever. The children in these two groups are not warriors, not fighters, many had never even picked up a weapon until chosen.

I take issue with this as I think it points out a lot of society’s problems. Mainly, not that we are too violent or ideas like that; it’s that we make a decision and, Wham!, everyone has to do it and is expected to not cause any grief over it.

Law? you say? Yes, I understand law. But, the last I knew of true law, true freedom, and the true spirit of people, we did not suddenly decide to butcher each other for something that is not a life/death thing (though they made it that way by dumping them and telling them only one can win).

I think people would really like to trust each other and love each other; too many times we (government, large groups of people) try to take those things away by force or by trying to convince the group(s) that they “have to”.

Both movies have a saving grace (won’t spoil them), and I believe that life often does, too. But, I think our actions remain too influenced by the larger thought processes (though not always thinking) of the society in general.

Why do I have to hate all members of another race, religion, gender, country, occupation, belief, simply because a section of society I consider “important” says it is wrong? Why is it that, whenever something/one is different, they are wrong?

I have friends who belong to different religions, different sexual orientations, are Wicca, Buddhists, Black, Chinese, Taiwanese, Bi-sexual, Gay, Nerds, the list goes on and on…Why should I have to drop one friend to keep another happy?

Well, my answer is, “I won’t.” If you don’t like the friends I have, then you may just have to take yourself out of that group. I try to never judge. You are pretty much allowed to feel, act, believe however you choose and we can be friends. However, when that is smacked in the head by severe conflict, I will tend to choose the path of love which discrimination never falls toward.

Okay, looking back, I have not only given a long speech, but found nails and boards and built the soapbox I gave it from!

‘Nuff said!” (Old comic book line).
Let me know what you think. I am very interested.

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