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Reblog – What BDSM is and isn’t for Relationships

Since I “came out” as a Dom on this site some time ago>>> Here <<< I have been open but have not talked much about the lifestyle.  Some of that is simply I chose not to, but some of it was the knowledge that a big portion of my audience doesn’t think that they like it or will like it and they would simply stop reading.  So for you who simply have no interest (none, nada) in the BDSM lifestyle or questions or curiousities about it, feel free to move on to your next read.  For the rest of you, here is a link to a reblog that covers some very important information, but could be confusing if you are not a little familiar with the lifestyle and/or the terms.

I will add that, should you read it and  have questions, here I am, comment or email me at bookman23@comcast.net.  I can keep a secret if that is what worries you.

Link: Read All of This!



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