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A Sobering Conclusion…

I watched “The Arrival” tonight.  Amy Adams is gorgeous, but that has nothing to do with the post.

2nd thing:  I read a FB plea tonight to get people to have their representatives vote down HR 610.

These two seem totally unconnected, along with several other things I could mention, but it all kinda fell together for me and I have begun to really put some deep thought into a notion.

*Following may be some spoilers for “The Arrival”.  You have been warned*

The movie affected me deeply.  So has a lot of things lately.  The election.  The riots.  The violence.  People talking.  The lack of quiet outside.

As I take it all in and look at the big picture, what I see is that people are never united anymore.  No matter what is said, I mean NO MATTER WHAT is said, people will split on what it means and how to deal with it.

In the movie, the world was nearly destroyed because a few words could be taken a couple of ways.

I read through HR 610.  Not saying good or bad, just read.

I am realizing that, no matter what President Trump does or doesn’t do, he is nearly doomed to failure, at least, by the people.

I get up each morning and, as routine, do my daily things on the computer.  One of those is simply to log in to FB and scroll down 8-10 pages so it is loaded, then start at the top and read.  I don’t get on there to argue or dispute, simply catch up on what people are doing and/or saying.  What I find usually has me saying something in return, good or bad.

So, HR 610 is a budgeting bill for Federal Aid on education and mentions a voucher system.  Not commenting, just stating.  It was stated by someone and most of her followers will, probably, agree with her.  They may or may not (probably not) contact their representatives, but they will agree with her.  But, there will be those who won’t.  And, a few of those will disagree vehemently.  They may not even state this on her FB, but they will do something, say something, tell someone, tell anyone.  They will sow those seeds of discontent, just as she has with her initial post.

I have looked at a lot of things the President is doing.  One of these is the border wall.  Now, I make the statement that if President Trump gets the wall built, if the wall is paid for by Mexico, if the wall keeps drugs and illegal immigrants out of the US, if the wall helps with National Security by keeping ISIS radicals from getting in, if all of this is true, and if this is the extent I am talking about with this example, let me tell you where the US people are and what they have become…

All of those things are good things.  There is not one thing I have stated above that would be bad for America or Americans.  I did not mention anything except the wall.  However, if I put the above paragraph on FB what will happen is that there will be splinter groups.  And not only will there be splinter groups, but some of them will use outside logic to make their stance.  They will talk about all the illegals who are here now.  They will talk about the rich and the poor.  They will talk about voting rights.  They will talk about everything except the wall.  Why?  Because what I said about the wall, all the IFS, do not allow for an argument.  It’s like if I hold up a playing card so all can see and it has an ACE of SPADES on it.  I say “This is an ACE of SPADES.”  There is not much room for argument.  However, if some splinter group member says, “That’s not a real ace of spades.  It isn’t a registered copyrighted card for the abc company!”  Now, there is an argument. Now, others can get excited and say, “Yeah!  He’s right!  And I bet that’s not even a real card from a real deck!”  And off we go…

This post came about because of the movie.  It also came about because of all the things I have been seeing that show me how we have become people who simply like to argue.  We don’t want to fit in, unless we do…People have their opinions and they must be right.  It isn’t that they want to be right; they MUST BE RIGHT!  Any argument that keeps their side alive is valid, even if it has nothing to do with reality or even the point trying to be made.  It is simply an argument continuing means all sides are still alive.

“Do you have an apple?”

“Why would you want an apple?  An orange is so much better.”

“But I asked for an apple.”

“There you go.  You keep talking about apples, when oranges are so much better.”

“But I really need an apple!”

“Apples don’t carry the levels of vitamins that many other fruits have.”

“Just give me an apple!”

“In fact, apples are one of the least colorful fruits as decided by several independent groups.”

“I am doing a school project.  I need a fruit that starts with an ‘A'”.

“Well, why didn’t you say so?  Let’s talk about apricots…”

And so it goes…my point?…people argue.  The problem is that we have elevated that to the level that our arguments now carry violence and weapons and even global issues in them.  We almost argue without thinking…

“He can’t be right! He’s a democrat!”

“You are listening to him?!  He’s just another republican talking!”

It’s bad enough when it deals with political issues, but it spills over into arguments about:

Race, Religion, Sex, Gender, Medicine, Old Age…the list is nearly endless.

This has become serious.  If you don’t think so, just go to FB and begin reading for about 20 screens.  That should be enough.

I shake my head and find myself wanting to argue simply because I begin to hear every argument as coming from an idiot…

Help me, I am beginning to become a part of the swarming void…



What a Beautiful Sound – But Let’s Stop Music in the Schools!

Source: Wikipedia Licensed for Reuse. Click pic for page.

I will be kinda sparse here for a couple of weeks.  Not leaving, but gonna be real busy.  I still hope to read and comment on a lot of posts by all of you.

To leave you on a “High Note”, so to speak, here is the reason we should stop all music and art in the schools.  Please read that last line as sarcastic crap!


That takes so much teamwork, effort, practice, and skill!  How can we take this opportunity and others like it away from our children?

Raise a real stink about this one!





I am no longer, officially, in the education system.  I do not get up in front of a class and talk to students and try to help them improve themselves.  Here is a student who had something to say and decided to say it.

Student Speaks Up!

You know one of the big differences between high school students and adults?  Adults usually know when to keep quiet.  We don’t stand up and speak our minds if it means being impolite.  Society has taught that to us.  Does that make us always right?


Through the course of history, it has not, normally, been the quiet, polite, soft-spoken people who made the differences in our lives.  It was the Martin Luther King Jrs, and the John F Kennedys, and the Pattons who have gone to bat for the rest of us and marked out a line that leads to a better place for all of us to be.

I am so tired of hearing the word “standardization” used in education.  Is it important to have a set of standards to teach to?


Does that mean we need to teach every student the same way and have them pass the exact same test and do things the exact same way for them to learn.


This country’s educational system is on its way down.  You mark my words.  If we, as the citizens of a nation, do not take it upon ourselves to speak loudly and with great intent to the “experts” who are saying that teaching so that students can pass a set of tests that “prove” they are learning is the way to go, it will be the way to be gone.

I was in a classroom full of students who were “failures” by the standards of our educational system.  These kids had great difficulty taking tests; they couldn’t pace themselves to do their homework; they acted up in class.  In short, they fell short of what the educational system stated they needed to know and do to succeed.

The worst part is that, most of the educational system, had already given up on them.  “Babysitters” was what many (not all) thought our job was to be.  Do you know what I found?  I found that when a teacher honestly took a decent period of time with each student and let them know that:

1)  I know it’s hard for you

2)  I care a lot about you

3)  You can succeed

4)  You are special

When I did that, I got results.  Did I have problems?  Yep,  Did I have days and weeks when I wanted to scream? Give that an amen.  But, I also had times when a student would push through and succeed in something.  I had kids who could smile because they did something good.

I had one student who worked for me.  He did well enough that, by the standards I set for students, he received an A+ in that class.  He thanked me after report cards came out.  Why?  Because he had never received an A+ before.  I told him he didn’t need to thank me, he earned it.  He left my class and went back to regular school the next semester and I never heard from him again.  He went on.  He didn’t come back.

I “trusted” my students to behave and I trusted them with things that a lot of other teachers said, “You are setting yourself up for bad news.”  You know what?  So many more times than not, they lived up to my expectations and succeeded.  They made me proud.  Not all, not every time, but it was certainly worth the time and effort to do it.

What was the best was that I dealt with each student as an individual.  I didn’t do the cookie-cutter thing.  That just didn’t work.  I believe I made a difference (I know I did) in a lot of those students’ lives.

We are failing right now.  I am not going to blame the government, the school system, or the teachers.  I am simply going to state that we are failing right now.  That means that someone, anyone, us needs to begin setting a change in order.  We need to succeed for them to succeed.

There is no one simple thing that will “fix it all”.  We have to learn to work together and to give a Damn about it.  Okay, I am swearing; I am done.

Note:  I said, I was done, but then I read Bert’s post on this same subject and saw this video.  Please visit Bert and watch this very important 20 min TED  Talk.

TED Talk on Education – Very Important!!! 20 min



You are Kidding, Right?

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare (Photo credit: Christopher Marks)

I have decided that we simply cannot leave well enough alone. Over the years I have watched as a lot of my basic understandings, those things that sat really well within me, have been fought over, made terribly controversial, and, some, just plain tossed out.

It is no wonder we grow up confused and searching all the time. Here is a short list of things that should be just left well enough alone:

Complete set of the seven books of the Harry P...

Complete set of the seven books of the Harry Potter series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) Shakespeare wrote all his works
2) Harry Potter is not of the devil
3) Apples are good for you
4) It is okay to be a little overweight
5) Two things can’t exist in the same place at the same time.
6) People who die in the military deserve a quiet, respected funeral
7) Jail is not a comfortable place
8) If you get hurt robbing someone, you cannot sue them.
9) Church and State should be separate
10) Sports in schools are an extra-curricular activity
11) It is wrong to harass people
12) Some competition is good
13) Teachers teach; students learn
14) There are things kids shouldn’t see
15) Moderate disciplining of your child is okay
16) Owning the best cell phone is not a right
17) An honest, law-abiding citizen has more rights than a criminal
18) Teaching is not just testing
19) Simply not working is not a good enough reason for the government to support you
20) Just because you want something doesn’t mean you should have it
21) You should not receive millions of dollars because you spill hot coffee on yourself
22) Going to school should be a safe and learning opportunity
23) One trillion dollar debt was enough
24) Gaming is not a real world
25) Just because it was said on the Internet does not make it true

There you have the first 25 items I decided upon. There are so many more. Now, before you “really picky” people start in, I know full well that there is a lot of gray in many of the above issues; maybe even all of them.

It’s not that. It’s that, well, it seems to me any more that whatever you choose to do, say, or even think, there are at least two sides to the issue and it can get a bit ridiculous.

List of titles of works based on Shakespearean...

List of titles of works based on Shakespearean phrases (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know, for some things, who really cares? Take the Shakespeare thing. Does it really matter if he actually wrote the material or stole it? I mean really? Yes, it’s wrong to steal (I imagine that depends, too), but whoever really wrote it didn’t jump up and say “Here I am! I did this!” So, why do we think, hundreds of years later, that we need to step in a “correct” something that, really may not matter to 99.9% of the world population?

Elevator jpg

Elevator jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s like the study I had to read that stated that how many people are in an elevator directly figures if someone will help you pick up change you drop. The idea was that less people meant the others wouldn’t feel funny about helping a stranger. Hey! How about the fact that, after about 3 people, an elevator is too flippin full for people to bend over and help you pick up change? I mean really.

mcdonalds free coffee mug

mcdonalds free coffee mug (Photo credit: fsse8info)

The McDonald’s one has always gotten me. The coffee is hot?…really? It wasn’t like the person handing it to the lady threw it in her face. Now, we are suing and blaming McDonald’s because our kids are fat?! Don’t take them! Problem solved. They want to go?! Wow! You are the parent! Oh, that’s right…kids run the family now. Apparently, they are smarter than the grown-ups and are totally protected from harm and can do as they please.

Do I sound like I am whining? Am I on a rant?! Is any of what I am saying true?!

It’s not the individual thing I am against here. Perhaps, inmates are being treated poorly at some places and a little more humane treatment is necessary. Not my point. But, when it gets to the place that a person who has been convicted of a crime has a better life than the average Joe who is trying hard to make ends meet…? I just don’t know.

English: An Officer Big Mac jailhouse with a m...

We have stepped over some line and it doesn’t look like we have figured it out yet. This post started out to be satirical in nature, but, like other things in life, it has a mind of its own and grew to something else.

I can’t say that I am sorry. I really am passionate about some of the dumb things we have decided to do in the US. However, I know that others feel just as passionate about some of those “dumb” things, so I will still hope that we have “free speech” and I can continue to rant.

Free Speech

Is it going to come to this?

“I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

Nice thought – I bet someone would argue with it…


Beauty lies within yourself

The only impossible journey in life is you never begin!! ~Tanvir Kaur


Philosophy is all about being curious, asking basic questions. And it can be fun!

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