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Rough Times Looking Better – Thanks to You!

Finally, I have caught back up, at least, somewhat.  I have changed my hours back to bed around 5am and try to get in 5-7 hours, up a while, then nap, before the evening begins.  Personal/family matters are being handled here and I don’t feel comfortable sharing them just yet, but you all understand:  you do what you gotta do.

I thought, for awhile, that I was going to have to stop blogging for an indeterminate amount of time.  Turns out, I need you all! 🙂  You are a wonderful sounding board as well as some good “go to” advice in times of need.  I love you all.

So, in celebration, I will tell you a story to get your smile on today.  I was walking across a parking lot last night and there were three people, two women and one man, standing behind a vehicle with the back open.  They were discussing and I could not help but overhear enough to make me smile.

One of the women was talking loudly and stuck both her middle fingers up in the air, gesturing to whomever she was telling the story about.  I heard, “and this is what I did to her.”  Making it kinda obvious what she thought for whatever reason.

Then, as I passed by, she continued her story with, “…if you don’t have Jesus in your life by now…”.  I nearly cracked up right there.  Most of you know that I don’t ascribe to organized religion.  This, apparent, two-faced statement had me in the grips of giggle fits.  I could not see how someone who is, apparently, religious and talks to others about Jesus could be giving the finger (both of them) to someone for much of anything.

Doesn’t bother me, mind you.  I consider myself very spiritual and have a wonderful rapport with God and the universe.  I still could see myself flipping someone off if I was angry.  I could see me getting in someone’s face about something if I thought it was important enough.  And we won’t even go toward my feelings and opinions on sex!  However, I do doubt I would be flipping someone off and then start talking to them about their relationship with God.  Just can’t see it.  Could happen, but just.  can’t.  see.  it.

I hope that story does two things:  1) makes you smile  2) makes you take a look at your own relationship with God.

My bit for the morning.



Friday Fictioneers – 5/24/13 – “Wrong Number” Genre: humorous PG13


“Hello?” pause.  “No, ma’am, I am not Dr. Telendy.  You have the wrong number.”

Excited voice.

“Ma’am, there is no way for me to help you.  I am sorry about your husband and your best friend.  No, really.  And the identity crisis with your son.  I am not against gays at all.  No…”

More agitation.

“Ma’am.  Please…stop…for a second.  My name is not George.  It is Kal-el.  I am not from around here.  I stopped in here to change so I could…nevermind…too late…no, ma’am, it’s not a party.  The noise in the background was a train I wanted to catch.”

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