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Short one tonight.

I am tired and still working through stuff.  I decided that I have seen enough movies in the past months that I could rate them in order and, perhaps, help you in your choices.

Now, do let me say this:  the movies are in order of me wanting to watch them again.  Also, if you don’t care for scary or whatever, then those would move up on your list.  Finally, I listed “Gatsby” as last, but it was good.  All of them were good.  If you notice 3 stars is the lowest and that is mostly because “Gatsby” just wasn’t my type of show.  It, probably, deserved better.

So, without further adieu:

Five Stars:_______________

Star Trek:  Into Darkness – Great Movie Watched it twice *****

Man of Steel – ***** Would definitely watch it again

Iron Man 3 – ***** Stellar movie

Four Stars:_______________

Olympus has Fallen ****

After Earth ****

Oblivion ****

Epic ****

Jack the Giant Slayer ****

World War Z ****

Splinter **** – Scared the daylights out of me (2nd time)

Three and a Half Stars:_______________

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two ***1/2  Enjoyed the 2nd half

Much Ado about Nothing – Joss Whedon  ***1/2

The Host ***1/2

Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter ***1/2

Monster U ***1/2

The Call ***1/2

OZ, the Great and Powerful  ***1/2

Three  Stars:_______________

Warm Bodies ***

The Ruins *** (Scary!)

Gatsby ***





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