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End of the Year – BDSM Anyone?

Did the title shock you?  Repulse you?  Are you even reading this far?

Before going on, this post would be rated from heavy PG13 to R, so kiddies – no no….responsible adults, you may continue.

I know that there was a time in my past in which my current mores (right word?) would not have allowed me to go past the title, and I would not have had the interest to.  A shame, really.  I have found, since then, that BDSM is not like I had been told, not something evil (of course, I don’t believe in evil anymore, but you get the point), and not necessarily something to be avoided.

Since “coming out” on here > POST < I have had the freedom within myself to study and talk about BDSM without feeling worried or guilty.  The truth of the matter is that I feel freer than I have ever felt.

Other than going to some meetings and talking more, I don’t really think my life is a whole lot different than it ever was, at least, strictly because of BDSM.  Now, my spiritual change has altered my life very significantly and I am even more thankful for that.  Frankly, I think people are less accepting of my spiritual change than my affiliations with BDSM.  I find that interesting as physical pain and such could not be attributed to my spiritual change, but one could argue that BDSM leans more in that direction.

Regardless, we are ending a year today, no more 2017, and I want to have my last post of this year concern some educational practices for the masses.  So, I am offering up 2 things:  1) a short dissertation on BDSM (through wiki) and 2) the opportunity to ask me questions both publicly and privately.

  1. BDSM – just click and read – > Wiki on BDSM   If  you read the entire article (it is long), you will, perhaps, get a small understanding both of what BDSM encompasses and how easy it is to misunderstand.  “50 Shades of Gray” by PD James was not only a controversial book, but one that misrepresents BDSM.  The book only highlights the bad “Dom” – Christian and show how a woman in love can do all sorts of things, even somewhat unsafe things, to try and please her man.  Real BDSM, honest BDSM demands that both parties are informed of what can happen, what can’t happen, how to stop it, and what the risks are.  That wasn’t done in the movie nor the book.  Book 2 was better.  The true idea is for both parties to enjoy the experience as they wish to enjoy it.  Pain releases endorphins and these chemicals heighten responses and can give pleasure.  As long as safety is observed, it can be enjoyable.  I am not saying that there are not parts of BDSM that are not dangerous and unsafe.  All practices in most anything have their extremes; however, standard practices will include safety and be enjoyable for both parties.
  2. Here is  where I allow you all the opportunity to pick my brain.  You can do this either of two ways.  The first is simply to comment on this post and ask your question(s).  I will do my best to answer them, providing I don’t have to tell something not very proper on here or give out info I consider confidential.  The second way is more private.  My email is bookman23@comcast.net.  Please just send me an email. If you really want secrecy, even from me, then open a new yahoo email (you are allowed  up to 5), call it junkmail@yahoo.com and write me.  Either way, I will be glad to share with you.  This is part of my purpose, I think.  I am an educator and love to teach.  This allows me to continue my joy of educating.

Okay, Happy New Year!  I look forward to hearing from all of you, any of you, whatever positive you have to add or question you wish to ask.  I have been lucky enough to have good friends who share things about the lifestyle that have helped me make informed choices and are leading me into a good solid future where my life is a positive influence.

Thank you all.



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