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Information – The More the …uh oh!

The TED clip below is 15 min long (Their usual).  The man speaking has a steep Russian accent that can be difficult to follow.  However, I think we all need to take the time to follow him (It can be done well and easily if you pay attention).  What he has to say is a very strong warning that should be heeded about information and security and our future.

I hope you watched the clip.  If you didn’t, this next part will only make a little sense and you won’t get the full impact.  What I heard on this clip was the dangerous choice that we have now in our hands concerning our informational security and other sites, especially social media sites like Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

The problem is furthered by the fact that we cannot totally control all that may be available online about us.  I know we think we can, but some of it we gave up long ago and the Internet never forgets.  Go Google yourself.  Use your full name, then just first and last.  Check out your parents, siblings, family.  After a bit you may find that, in spite of your efforts, other family members may have posted info that could be harmful to you.

Think of this:  I don’t post my real birthday on Facebook.  That’s just asking for it.  The first year I did it, I received several Happy Birthday notices from other users, as expected.  What I didn’t expect was for another close family member to tell all of Facebook that wasn’t my real birthday and they could not understand why I had done it wrongly.

A Google on my own name has told me a lot of info about myself and showed me what others could find.  One thing it points out is this blog’s address.  No problem. I have accepted this as being very public.  Problem is that, to the right people, this may be what they are looking for.  Think of this:  as careful as I am, my pictures are online; my full name is online; my hometown is online; my school dates are online; my relative and friends’ names are online; my job info is online.

It’s not that this is great info for anyone, but when you add to it what the guy in the clip says, it does get a little scary.  I accept that there are some dangers with being online for any reason.  I use it and try the best I can to be a low-profile, hard-to-get target for hackers and such.  I think I am.  However, that does not mean I can’t be hacked; it means I am probably not worth the trouble.  Why go after me when there are so many out there who use the same password for so many sites or who use an east-to-guess password, or who divulge a lot of personal info on Facebook?

Watch the clip.  Think about it.  Don’t worry, just think.  Start out by being more careful about what and where you go online.  Supplement that by using unique and strong passwords on sites and different ones for each site.  Next, do a little research; get your hands dirty.  Better informed is better secured.

Love you all.



No Porn?

Keeping with my recent trend to inform you all of just what goes on in the Online world, I found this wonderful infographic style pic on What Happens in 60 Seconds on the Internet.  To bring the title into this, it is what happens without porn!  Can you imagine how busy the Internet truly is?!

Let’s just look at 2 of these items listed.

First,  it states there are 347 New Blog Posts created on WordPress every 60 seconds.  Now that is over 20,000 an hour or nearly 1/2 million a day!  It is more understandable to me why I don’t get freshly pressed!  I don’t even know how they look at them every day, let alone choose a few, do you?

Second, Facebook shows 350GB of data every 60 seconds!  Now, that means my external 2TB (2 trillion bytes or 2,000 GB) hard drive would be filled up every 6 minutes!  I have been working hard to fill it up and it is less than 10% after several months.

What did you find to be the most interesting piece of Data on the graph?  Why?

Is there something you wished you knew that isn’t on the graph?



We have Come How Far in How Long?

The article below is referenced so that I didn’t use an unlicensed picture.  You don’t need to read it all, but do look at the picture near the end of the article.

Social Media history – histograph included.

I was 11 years old in 1969 when computer communication, basically, started.  That means I was alive and old enough to understand all of what has happened in the last 44 years to now.  Just think!  In less than 50 years, we have gone from specific communication between a few college and military computers to what we have now.  Also, in 1969 it was all text, no pictures.  I remember that when you wanted to see a picture, you had to download the binary code (all 1s and 0s), pages of it, then run a program to turn those numbers into a picture.  It also could take 15 minutes or longer for one picture!  The worst part, in my opinion, was that, often, you would lose the connection for a second and had to start all over (no recovery).  Also, a picture back then was around 200k as opposed to 2-3MB now.  So, the pictures you can get now in just a few seconds are about 10 times more pixels than the ones that took 15 minutes or longer then.

Then look!  The World Wide Web (the basic Internet for the longest time) was public in 1991.  That’s only 22 years ago!

The Internet had 2.6 million users in 1990 and 70 million users in only 9 more years!  We have exploded in the world of computer technology and communication.  As of last year, there were 2 Billion users on computers and 6 Billion mobile subscriptions.  Let’s not even get into how the phone has changed:  party lines when I was a kid to cell phones everywhere with cameras and GPS.

Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles, isn’t looking very hard.  We have gone from pre-school to post Doctorate in computer communication.  It is a lot of fun and games now.  It was fairly serious back then.  Games were all text-based and were written by college people and professors and such.  The idea that kids would be programming mods on video games was unheard of; in fact, the idea of an actual video game was kind of weird then, too.

So, when someone over 45 asks how you “youngsters” keep up the pace – stop responding with “what pace?”  To us, there is a definite pace.

How do you feel about the speed of evolution in technology and communication?

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Breaking up? May Be Tough…

If you want to read more—click on the picture for another article.

The article below is my topic for tonight.

Breaking up is hard to do

It seems strange to us “oldsters” who have broken up with people over the years and been able to be quiet about it for, sometimes, long periods.  I mean, in high school you couldn’t unless you went to a really huge school because people knew everything.  Even the teachers knew most of the boy/girl hookups.  College was better, even in the small college I went to (back then) you had a lot of people who knew who you were with and all, but it wasn’t headline news if you broke up.

Today is different for most people, even us olden ones.  Facebook, in my opinion, makes an absolute mess of relationships.  People discuss it; girls talk about how lucky someone is or how could she, while boys, well, boys will be boys.  It just gets blown out of proportion when there is an argument if either person lets go on the net or if a friend does.  How does this sound?

Girl1:  how are you and Guy1 getting along?

Girl2:  I don’t want to talk about it on the Net.

Girl1:  That bad, huh?  Don’t worry, girl, he’s not worth it.

Now, that might not be so bad except that Girl3 is a friend and can see this communication just by watching.  If she tells something to Girl4  who, in turn, tells Girl5 and Guy 2, there could be trouble.   Ever play telephone?

Now, Girl 1 and Guy 1 get back together, but then Guy1 is told by Guy3:

Guy3:  Man, I heard about you and Girl1.  That was such a mean thing she said about you.

Guy1:  What?  What did she say?

Guy3:  Well, she said… (and proceeds to tell him what Girl5 told him without telling him who told him)

And now, the breakup is back on.

The worst is that this could all happen on the Net, on Facebook, without anyone coming face-to-face.  You could lose your sweetheart, win him/her back and lose again without even seeing the person.  Don’t kid yourselves, it happens.

People, I think, get too caught up in the “Reality” of Facebook and the Net.  Face it, it is much easier to say something to someone if you are typing or texting it and not standing right there beside him/her.

We are making relationships almost as disposable as water bottles anymore.

What do you think?  Facebook good / bad when it comes to relationships?

Do you have a horror story about it?

And, we haven’t even gotten into Online Dating!!!  Another time…



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